Intelligent farming, also known as smart farming, has been referred to as the future of agriculture. This emerging concept refers to managing farms through various advanced technologies such as AI, drones, robotics, and IoT in order to increase both the quantity and quality of the products produced while optimizing the human labor required.

While the Internet of Things (IoT) has provided multiple means of improving nearly every industry imaginable, it is revolutionizing the agricultural industry. But what is intelligent farming exactly? Today, Triad Diagnostic Solutions will be exploring this new technology and how it is being used to revolutionize farming.

What is an Intelligent Farm/Smart Farm?

Intelligent farming refers to the use of modern communication and information technologies to increase the quality and quantity of products while optimizing the human labor required in production. For present-day farmers, there is a multitude of technologies available in intelligent farming, including:

  • Software
  • Connectivity
  • Sensors
  • Robotics
  • Location
  • Data Analytics

With these types of tools at a farmer’s disposal, it is possible to not only consistently monitor fields but also make more informed decisions ranging from a single plant to the entire farm without ever stepping foot in the field. As experts will tell you, the driving force behind intelligent farming is IoT, the process of connecting sensors and machines integrated into farms to make processes more data-driven and primarily automated.

Intelligent farming has serious potential to deliver more sustainable and productive farm production using a more effective and resource-driven approach to farming. It should be noted that while 80 percent of farmers in the United States are currently using some form of intelligent farming, no more than 24 percent of farmers in Europe are currently capitalizing on these technologies.

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The IoT-Based Intelligent Farming Cycle

At its core, the power of IoT-based intelligent farming is found in its ability to draw data and transmit them over the internet. In order to fully optimize the farming process, IoT devices installed on a farm collect and process data in a cycle. This cycle allows farmers to react quickly to issues as they emerge, as well as changes in ambient conditions. Here is a full breakdown of the IoT-based intelligent farming cycle:

  • Observation: In this stage, sensors collect observational data from the soil, crops, livestock, or surrounding atmosphere.
  • Diagnostics: Here, sensor values are fed to a cloud hosted IoT platform that uses predefined models and rules. These ascertain the condition of the object in question and identify any deficiencies.
  • Decisions: Once issues have been revealed, the user of the platform determines whether location-specific treatment is necessary and, if so, which is most appropriate.
  • Action: The cycle repeats after end-user evaluation and action.

The Benefits of Intelligent Farming

There are a variety of benefits for farming production with the use of intelligent farming. For starters, intelligent farming improves productivity, reduces waste, and enables the management of a greater number of resources through remote sensing. As farms have become larger and larger in scale in this modern age, it has become nearly impossible for farmers to consistently monitor everything on their land.

With the introduction of intelligent farming, farmers now have eyes everywhere, and more informed decisions can be made based on hard data. Overall, the entire farming process on many farms across the United States is now sensor-monitored and software-managed. This has reduced costs and improved the yield and quality of the supply, greatly benefiting farmers and consumers alike.

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Photo by Spencer Pugh on Unsplash
Photo by Spencer Pugh on Unsplash