Case Study:

Customer Overview

  • Company Name- Action Auto Diagnostic Plus
  • Customer- Henry Sanchez
  • Number of Employees- 1
  • Location- Nokesville, VA
  • Date of initial investment- July 2023


Henry Sanchez has extensive experience in the automotive repair industry, working for various dealers, independent shops and collision centers over the years. After repeatedly seeing the demand and related profits for the continually growing ADAS calibration market, Henry decided it was time for him to take his experience in the industry and invest in his own equipment.

“Everything in life is a risk and I gamble to win.”

MAS20 MA600 Mobile Frame ADAS All Systems Package w/o Tablet


Henry conducted most of his product research online. He was drawn to Triad Diagnostic Solutions because of the competitive pricing, product knowledge of his sales representative, and easy financing. After speaking with his sales rep, he determined that the MA600 All Systems package was the right solution for him due to the ease of use, comprehensive vehicle coverage, and portability.

“Triad had the most product knowledge of anyone I spoke with along with competitive pricing, a full training program, and easy financing. The Triad team walked me through the entire process to ensure I was on the right product and had all the information I needed to make an informed decision.”


Within 1 week of receiving the equipment, Henry landed an account with a major rental fleet in his area and shortly afterwards, began accumulating accounts from various collision centers and automotive repair shops in his area. His professionalism, certifications, and state-of-the-art equipment helped him stand out from the competition and grow his business to what it is today with only word-of-mouth advertising.

“The revenue I bring in from calibrations in a single day exceeds what I made in an entire pay period working for someone else.”

Advice for someone entering the industry

“Get the right equipment, get trained, and don’t cut corners.”

Future Plans

Henry plans to go after more large accounts including a large used car dealership in his area. Additionally, he also plans to hire someone that can bill out at least $2,000 per day and will definitely be purchasing his equipment from Triad. 

Additional Comments

“Triad has been amazing since day one. The Triad ADAS sales team, led by Will G. has been very helpful and is always easy to contact, very knowledgeable and provides solutions whenever I need anything.”