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Unlock the full potential of diagnostics and vehicle maintenance with Jaltest Diagnostics. Our cutting-edge software is specifically designed to handle the most advanced tasks with ease, offering intuitive solutions for professionals across multiple industries.

With Jaltest, complexity becomes simplicity, allowing you to diagnose and maintain vehicles effortlessly. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision diagnostics.

What is the  Jaltest Software?

Triad Diagnostic Solutions introduces the Jaltest software, an integrated solution designed to streamline the diagnostics and repair processes across a diverse range of vehicles. This software is equipped with user-friendly, interactive wiring diagrams, precise component positioning, and detailed troubleshooting guides. Furthermore, it offers access to essential vehicle information, including OEM-specific torque adjustments, benchmark readings, and testing parameters. Jaltest also provides estimated timelines for repairs, enhancing workflow management for service teams.

Optimized for diagnostics on a broad spectrum of commercial vehicles—ranging from trucks, trailers, and buses to agricultural, maritime vessels, material handling and off-road equipment—Jaltest stands as the quintessential tool for maintaining and repairing these complex machines.

  • OEM Fault Codes
  • Step-by-Step Troubleshooting
  • Interactive Wiring
  • Live Data
  • System Operations
  • Programming and Calibrations
  • System Checks and Component Actuations
  • Vehicle Technical Data
  • Service Manuals
  • CAN Topology

frequently asked questions

Jaltest Software is a comprehensive diagnostic and repair solution offered by Triad Diagnostic Solutions. It is designed to streamline the maintenance and repair process for a wide array of vehicles, providing technicians with access to extensive technical data, interactive wiring diagrams, precise component locations, and detailed troubleshooting instructions.
Jaltest Software offers unparalleled coverage across multiple vehicle sectors, including commercial trucks, trailers, buses, agricultural vehicles (AGVs), marine vessels, material handling and off-highway machinery. This extensive coverage ensures that technicians can rely on Jaltest for diagnostic and repair needs across a diverse fleet.
Jaltest Software enhances the repair process by providing technicians with detailed information and tools to diagnose issues accurately and efficiently. Features such as interactive wiring diagrams, exact component locations, and step-by-step troubleshooting guides simplify complex diagnostics and repairs, reducing vehicle downtime and improving shop productivity.
Yes, Jaltest Software delivers critical vehicle data, including OEM-specific adjustment torques, reference readings, and test values. This information is essential for accurate diagnostics, repairs, and maintenance, ensuring that vehicles are serviced correctly according to manufacturer standards.
Jaltest Software includes functionality to estimate repair timeframes, allowing repair personnel and shop managers to better plan and manage their workflow. This feature helps in optimizing the scheduling of repairs and maintenance, improving overall service efficiency.
Jaltest Software is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible to technicians of varying levels of expertise. From seasoned professionals to those newer to vehicle diagnostics, the software provides a wealth of information and tools to support effective diagnostics and repairs.
Triad Diagnostic Solutions is committed to providing the most current and comprehensive diagnostic capabilities with 3 major updates a year. Jaltest Software receives regular updates to include the latest vehicle models, enhanced features, and updated diagnostic information to ensure technicians have access to the most current data.
Triad Diagnostic Solutions offers comprehensive support for Jaltest Software users, including technical assistance, training, and resources to maximize the software’s benefits. Support is available through our dedicated helpdesk, online resources, and training programs. Additional support options are available with Advanced Technical Support Level 1 & 2 for getting more from Jaltest with a dedicated help desk for help on repairs with an experienced technician to EMU updates and more.

Jaltest Software is available through Triad Diagnostic Solutions. For purchasing information, including pricing options, please contact our sales team at 317-939-3690 or


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