Autel’s Total Care Program (TCP) for the Maxis MSULTRA, MS919, and MS909 was recently released to add to the legacy tools in need of ongoing renewals including: MSELITE, MS908 automotive series, MS908CV, MS906BT, MS906TS, IM608, IM508 and TS608 series tools. As a Master Distributor of Autel diagnostic tools, you can get your TCP from Triad Diagnostic Solutions and be well on your way to better-performing diagnostic capabilities.

This new TCP subscription card is for the latest Autel MaxiSYS advanced diagnostic line, including these three tablets released June 2020. In addition to another year of warranty coverage, you’ll also enjoy another year of software updates for each Autel tool. Regular updates ensure that your shop remains competitive and capable when servicing American, Asian, and European vehicles.

In conjunction with software updates, all tools that are in a current active software period are also covered under Autel’s manufacturer’s warranty program regardless of the age of the tool. The end result is Autel tools that offer TCP program coverage have a default “lifetime warranty” as you can purchase the TCP program for your tool at any time and the tablet and VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface) both go back into warranty coverage.

Benefits of the Total Care Program

Autel software and hardware keep up with the latest vehicle models, ensuring that you don’t have to purchase or upgrade your OEM and aftermarket diagnostic tools regularly. With the TCP, you pay for a simple yearly registration and get to keep the entire system setup and customer data stored in one place.

In addition to more vehicle coverages than you’ll find with other tools, the TCP guarantees new diagnostic and service functionality features that you and your shop can utilize. Some recent software updates have included streamlined table navigation, additions to the service hotkey menu, and additional ScanVIN capabilities.

Features of Each Tool


This diagnostic tablet is aimed at maximizing technician intelligence, the MaxiSYS ULTRA features a 13-inch touchscreen tablet with the new split-screen multi-application navigation system techs can test various vehicle components and scan through diagnostic guidance without flipping through multiple windows and screens. This feature offers the ability to view diagnostics and troubleshooting and repair information or parts guides all at one time. The tablet also features and upgraded Android 7.0 Operating System powered by an Octa-core processor. The sustainable 256GB built-in memory and the ability to add a SD card in the future for enhanced memory capabilities.

The MaxiFlash VCMI functions as a 4-channel oscilloscope, waveform, generator, multimeter, and CAN BUS tester. Within the library of the MS919, you’ll find preset guided tests and an extensive waveform library.

MaxiSYS MS919

The MaxiSYS MS919 has all of the features of the MSULTRA but with a 10-inch touchscreen display single screen view backed by an Android 7.0 OS powered by an Octa-core processor. With 128GB built-in memory storage, you can feel confident in the data you secure and the memory capabilities of this tablet.

MaxiSYS MS909

If you’re looking for a diagnostic scan tool that meets your needs, then check out the MaxiSYS MS909. This 10-inch touchscreen is powered by an Octa-core Android processor and has 128GB of memory to spare. You’ll find an advanced VCI that supports the latest DoIP, D-PDU, and Mega CAN vehicle communication protocols within this table kit. The rechargeable lithium battery gives your shop eight hours of use, so you can rest assured your team can get the job done.

Get Your Total Care Program from Triad

Triad Diagnostic Solutions has all the Total Care Program subscription cards from Autel. With these yearly renewals, you’ll maintain your diagnostic scan tool warranty and have access to unlimited software updates and advanced vehicle coverages, giving you the ultimate competitive advantage. To get your TCP or new automotive scan tool, call us at (844) 630-1106.