Ask any marine repair professional, engineer, or bosun, and they’re sure to tell you that having the proper tools to work on gas, diesel, stationary engines, or gensets isn’t that easy. These systems are crucial for supporting power to a marine vessel, whether it’s in motion or docked at a port. Thankfully, Jaltest Marine diagnostic kits and software go further than any other aftermarket tool and are a critical piece of equipment when repairing a marine system.

Because of the all-makes, all-systems diagnostic capabilities, Triad Diagnostic Solutions finds that Jaltest Marine coverage is simply the best and worth the investment. Here, we’re going to walk you through how Jaltest Marine software is perfect for Caterpillar marine coverage. In this example, we’re looking at how the software provides step-by-step guidance that allows your marine techs to perform dealer-level diagnostics on a Caterpillar C7.1 Genset.

Step 1

To begin the diagnostic routine on Caterpillar C7.1 Genset start by clicking on the Stationary Engines icon inside the Jaltest Marine module. From there, you’ll navigate to the brand (Caterpillar) and then select the Caterpillar C7.1. Your final navigation step is to choose the EMCP (Electronic Power Generator) option.

Step 2

Once inside the C7.1 Genset module, you can find all the vessel technical data that you or need to run specific diagnostics and check the performance of various systems. You can find everything from wiring diagrams to technical data on tightening torques of cylinder heads.

Step 3

In addition to all the technical data you can learn and find relating to the C7.1 Genset, Jaltest also provides you with a connection guide.  This guide shows you exactly where your Marine diagnostic tool plugs in and advises you on the proper marine or diesel engine cables needed for an adequate connection.

Step 4

Once you’ve connected your Jaltest Marine PC with the diagnostics port of the Caterpillar C7.1 Genset, you will then be shown the main Jaltest Marine Diagnostics Menu. Here, you can choose to monitor different systems, clear fault codes, access system data, record real-time data, and change parameters. For this example, we’re going to select the READ FAULT CODES option.

Step 5

Navigating into the READ FAULT CODES module allows you to perform diagnosis with freeze frame data. You are also given all your system options for the Caterpillar C7.1 and can even create shortcuts to Special Functions that allow you to quickly monitor and diagnose those systems you check regularly.

Steps 6 & 7

After checking the fault codes and selecting Measurements, you can see the different measurements in real-time. Here, Jaltest provides information about how the Genset is performing and gives you data related to temperature, pressure, voltage, current, and more. This capability also allows you to add Diagnostic Reports to show your staff or customers the anomalies occurring within the genset.

Step 8

Finally, your last check should be within the DISPLAY PARAMETERS module, where you can check on each function and guarantee that it’s working within the manufacturer’s performance specifications.

Your Marine Diagnostics Matter

Nothing can ruin your shipment or boat day quite like an engine or computer malfunction aboard your marine vessel. That’s why so many marine engineers turn to Jaltest Marine tools for their diagnostic and repair needs. Not only will you enjoy expanded coverage outside of what your aftermarket tool can do, but you’ll also enjoy being backed by the Triad Advantage. To learn more, call Triad Diagnostic Solutions today at (317) 939-3690.

Photo by nikldn on Unsplash