When you’re working on a jobsite, nothing matters more than time and efficiency. Triad Diagnostic Solutions understands this, which is why we offer the best diagnostic scan tools for off-highway equipment, such as wheel loaders, excavators, dozers, augers, cranes, and much more. Wheel loaders in particular often get hours of use and are responsible for digging and transporting heavy payloads around the site. However, manufacturers are now expanding their produce lineups to include small to mid-size wheel loaders just as capable as those larger pieces of equipment.

With small and mid-size loaders, you get the best of both worlds. You not only get a machine that’s easier to transport and maneuver around your site, but you also get a powerful machine that can change attachments quickly. Below, we dive deeper into five advantages of small to mid-size wheel loaders.

1. Productive Load Carrying Capabilities

Not all job sites give you and your equipment a lot of room. So, you need a wheel loader that can do various jobs and in a small space. If you operate machinery regularly, then you know that small to mid-size loaders in the 140-170 horsepower range are perfect for all job sites. Additionally, selecting the right bucket for your wheel loader can make all the difference in overall cycle time. Small wheel loaders can move more quickly while still operating with the bucket size you need to move materials. This means you can get more digging, stockpiling, and dumping done despite the small size of your loader.

2. Ease of Maintenance

Like their larger counterparts, small to mid-size wheel loaders are made to work hard and be easy to maintain with your Jaltest Off-Highway tools. Integrating a total equipment health diagnostic scan into your preventative maintenance routine utilizing Jaltest software can help pinpoint specific issues that need to be inspected and possibly repaired for your equipment. Once serviced, but you can always check the status of a machine from within the Jaltest platform, even while on site. This ease of service and reliability with your diagnostic tools means your wheel loader won’t slow productivity and completion of projects.

3. Versatility

Wheel loaders are well known for their versatility, making them a key asset to your fleet. The capability of switching attachments quickly means you may only need one piece of equipment for the entire project. Wheel loaders have loader-specific attachments such as pallet forks, buckets, blades, and scoops. By exchanging couplers, you can easily change attachments and move onto the next task for your project.

4. Hydrostatic Transmission

One of the advantages of a small to mid-sized wheel loader is that manufacturers are now using hydrostatic transmissions. This means the transmissions in smaller equipment are more compact and use less power but still provide all the muscle you need to move around a job site. Accompanying hydrostatic transmissions are pumps, a gearbox, and two hydraulic motors: one for low speed and one for high speed. The power generated comes from an archaic system, and the energy used to transport larger payloads is generated entirely by either the low-speed or high-speed hydraulic motors. These motors improve fuel efficiency since the engine can produce the power you need at lower RPMs. Jaltest software is perfectly equipped to communicate and run diagnostic routines on all of your equipments’ components including transmissions, PTO, safety, navigation systems, and much more.

5. Safety Features

No matter how big or small the job site, safety is always a top priority. The final advantage of a small to mid-size wheel loader is the safety features that come with or can be added to your loader. You can add rearview cameras and backup alarms. Additionally, these machines give operators optimal visibility from right inside the cab because of their smaller size. If your team works at night, you can also equip your machines with lighting. The hydraulic locking differentials, heated mirrors, and emergency steering are also included with your smaller wheel loaders.

Keep Your Wheel Loader Up & Running

Everyone knows that the success of a project is based on time to completion. The faster you can complete work, the sooner you can move onto the next job site. To keep your machines up and running, whether you’re working with commercial, agriculture, or off-highway equipment, Jaltest diagnostic kits from Triad Diagnostic Solutions have you covered. Jaltest allows you to diagnose in the field, make quick repairs, and keep up with maintenance – all things essential for hitting your target completion date. Check out all of our kits online or call us at (317) 939-3690.

Photo by Samuel Horn af Rantzien on Unsplash