Managing your fleet is no small task. No matter the number or size of your vehicles, you know that time is money. That’s why performance maintenance is so essential. Having a clear picture of your fleet’s health is vital to keeping them out of the shop and out on the road.

Performing in-depth diagnostics during the PM process shouldn’t be overlooked, especially since these tests can help detect issues early on. However, unless you have the right diagnostic tools, it can be challenging to perform these necessary checkups. But don’t fret; Triad Diagnostic Solutions has everything you need to perform critical diagnostics during your PM processes.

Why Diagnostics are an Essential Part of the PM Process 

Running your diagnostics during PM processes is an essential part of keeping your fleet in tip-top shape. Not only can you access information such as fuel consumption, oil pressure, tire pressure, mileage, and more, but you can also get a good sense of the health of each vehicle. Performance maintenance also allows you to stay on top of regular repairs and make crucial performance decisions for each vehicle in your fleet.

When you run vital diagnostics, you’re also able to pinpoint whether potential problems are due to regular wear and tear or assess the potential of driver behavior causing vehicle damage through poor driving habits. Getting all of the diagnostic information while making these assessments will help you make knowledgeable and educated maintenance repair decisions that are both timely and cost-effective.

How Regular Diagnostics Affect Efficiency and Productivity

Early Detection

There’s no question that regular diagnostics can extend the lifespan of your fleet, making you aware of potential risks and significant components that need tending to or replaced. With early detection, you can ensure that your business continues to run smoothly and efficiently, allowing you to deliver on your promises to your customers. Diagnostics performed during the PM process can ensure that one issue doesn’t lead to another and can make your technicians aware of problems that they didn’t even know existed. Early detection is a great way to avoid costly and timely repairs bills.

Accurate Maintenance History & Planning

When you use diagnostics in your PM processes, you can create a maintenance history log with each vehicle. This log allows you to prepare and plan for major repairs that are expected with running a fleet of vehicles. Not only can your techs identify potential failure points, but they can also plan ahead of time, giving you an idea of when higher repair bills will arise.

Reduces Maintenance Time & Costs

When your technicians can run the correct diagnostic tests, they can quickly and efficiently identify a vehicle’s problems. Not only does this allow for immediate repair, but it also allows for a more effective repair process, increasing uptime and avoiding costly breakdowns and sublet repairs. This helps get your vehicles up and running more quickly while reducing repair costs.

Autel MaxiSYS MS908CV Diagnostic Reports

The Autel MaxiSYS MS908CV scan tool for class 3 through 8 trucks is the perfect solution for integrating diagnostic processes into your PM schedule. The MS908CV functionality includes “check-in and check-out” comprehensive diagnostic reports providing full reporting of vehicle information, operational data, and diagnostic health when you first connect with the tool and upon disconnection. The “check-in and check-out” reports allow your shop to monitor the overall vehicle health before and after the diagnostic repair process takes place. The documentation also allows auditing of the repair and clearing of codes, repair documentation for customers work orders, and documentation for potential come back repairs.

Get the Right Tools from Autel

Having the right diagnostic tools in your technicians’ hands is just as crucial as the PM processes themselves. Not only does Triad Diagnostic Solutions provide your team with high-quality hardware, but we also offer the best in diagnostic software programs for heavy-duty commercial vehicles and regular automotive vehicles. Check out our entire lineup of Autel tools on our website or give us a call at (317) 939-3690.