Safe and reliable school buses are extremely important to school systems around the country. The pillars of safe and successful school bus transportation are great drivers, comprehensive maintenance practices, and technicians with the correct repair tools in their shops. But what’s a school bus repair shop without the right diagnostic scan tools? It could, in fact, be the weak link in your school corporation.

There’s no arguing that keeping a school bus fleet up and running for an entire school year is costly. It has been estimated that the maintenance and repair of a single school bus is over $35,000 annually. If your techs are incapable of pinpointing the problems or cannot prepare for preventative maintenance, then the school corporation could lose thousands. So, when you need diagnostic scan tools with proper school bus application coverage, turn to Jaltest diagnostic kits from Triad Diagnostic Solutions.

Today’s School Bus Applications 

As vehicle manufacturers advance their technology and continue to improve engine computer designs and capabilities, the correct diagnostic software becomes more important every year. However, the Jaltest commercial vehicle kit gives your technicians everything they need to identify and repair every diagnostic issue throughout your bus fleet.

Brand Coverage

Jaltest diagnostic tools are widely known for their school bus coverage and provide comprehensive diagnostic software for needed testing capabilities, troubleshooting and repair information, circuit diagrams, technical data and much more. If your shop includes BlueBird, IC, Thomas Built Bus, Type A Ford, or GM or Sprinter school buses, then Jaltest tools are perfect for all of your diagnostic needs.

Furthermore, you can rest easy knowing that your Jaltest hardware and software include:

  • 30,000+ troubleshooting & repair guides
  • 23,000+ circuit diagrams
  • 54,000+ bi-directional testing procedures & parameters
  • 83,000+ symptom diagnostic troubleshooting guides

And more!

Why Invest in Jaltest?

Jaltest software and hardware laptops come with a wide range of capabilities and functionalities, making it easy for technicians who work on school buses and other heavy-duty trucks to diagnose problems and find solutions quickly. This investment can save both time and money when it comes to making necessary repairs and keeping track of maintenance records. Triad also provides extensive training, technician support, and a competitive advantage when it comes to price when compared to standard OEM software diagnostic platforms.

If you’re running a fleet of school buses and want to keep your drivers and students safe while saving money on maintenance and repair by reducing downtime and dealer sublet repairs, then it’s time to give Triad Diagnostic Solutions a call. We’ll walk through all of your standard maintenance issues and diagnostic needs, giving you direction on the right Jaltest tools for you. Furthermore, we offer live demos and webinars regularly, so you and your techs can stay updated on all the latest that Jaltest has to offer.

If you have more questions, give us a call at (317) 939-3690.

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash