Are you a mechanic shop that works on heavy-duty engines and marine vessels? Then you know the importance of having high-quality and reliable diagnostic hardware and software. However, the market’s high prices can make it seem impossible to see a satisfying return on your investment. Still, there are some options out there that can make your repair business successful.

Two of the top competitors in the market include Cojali Jaltest and Texa. Triad Diagnostic Solutions stands by the quality, sophistication, and plethora of features that come with Jaltest tools. Still, for people deciding between these two diagnostic brands, it can be hard to make comparisons. Here is what you need to know about Jaltest and its competitive advantage over Texa.

What to Look for in Diagnostic Tools

When it comes to selecting the right tools for your business, there are some things to consider – one of those being the type of hardware. Does the system you’re considering need a desktop to operate, or does it come with any handheld tools? How about laptops that you can take out into the field when need be?

Furthermore, does the diagnostic tool you’re looking at come with all of the OEM programs and information you’ll need to work on various makes and engine models? While there are some tools out there that claim to read it all, you might find that’s not the case, and it’ll come at the most inconvenient time.


Pros: The one feature that keeps people coming back to Jaltest is that the software regularly updates. Cojali has established itself in over 90 countries and can translate a wide range of OEM and functions. Not only can do you do dealer-level commands and controls on all four of the module options, but you can also tack on a Garage Resource Planning module that allows you to track the progress of each repair in your shop. If you work in agriculture or on heavy-duty trucks, then this is the brand for you.

Cons: Don’t be shocked by the price. While it can seem like a chunk of change upfront, Jaltest tools pay for themselves within the first four years, or sooner, depending on how often you use the software and tool kit you purchase.


Pros: As an Italian brand, Texa holds its own when it comes to the diagnostic tools industry. This company keeps their tools at the highest standards, so you know you’ll be getting a good quality tool. They have five modules to choose from: bike, truck, off-highway, marine, and auto. Like Jaltest, you’re able to perform dealer-level diagnostic scans and repairs, and their license doesn’t expire.

Cons: Unlike Jaltest, Texa tools can’t keep up with agriculture equipment, and the software lacks a tracking package that gives you insight into each repair. While the license never expires, you do have to purchase a support package every year if you want regular updates and customer support. This fact cuts deep into the shallow pockets of smaller repair shops.

Which is Better?

While both Jaltest and Texa will give you everything you need and both are reliable, your decision really comes down to preference and need. If you work on heavy-duty, off-highway, and agriculture equipment regularly, then Jaltest is your answer. The Jaltest software is easier to navigate, comes with more engine and fault code/symptom options, and is more intuitive for newbies.

Add Cojali Jaltest Tools to Your Shop

You’ve built a business based on your reputation and ability to fix any engine issue your customers have. As diesel engine technology continues to improve and change, you need reliable diagnostic tools to keep up. That’s why you can trust Jaltest tools from Triad Diagnostic Solutions. Check out our entire lineup of off-highway, agriculture, and marine scan tools on our website, or give us a call at (317) 939-3690 today.

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