Investing in Autel diagnostic scan tools for your fleet or small repair shop elevates your service to another level. Whether you’re managing an entire fleet of diesel engines or repairing customer automotive vehicles, keeping your software up to date ensures you can continue to repair automobiles and stay current with manufacturer updates. With each Autel tool purchased from Triad Diagnostic Solutions, you’re given a one-year warranty and one year of free updates. After that first year, you can then purchase new updates through the Autel Total Care Warranty Program. Here is what you can expect with each renewal.

Benefits of Participating in the TCP

Each TCP subscription is meant to keep your Autel software and warranty current and updated. Included in your yearly renewal is:

  • One-year hardware Limited Warranty extension
  • Discounted service fee for battery replacement and head units
  • Limited warranty coverage for device failures
  • One-year subscription to download tool software updates
  • Continued coverage for all vehicles (extended coverage for older vehicles/updated coverage for new vehicles)
  • Access to the newest tool software
  • Dedicated customer support from the Autel ASE-Certified Technical Support staff

Why Participate in the TCP

Participating in the Autel TCP guarantees that your diagnostic tools remain useful and beneficial for your fleet and technicians. Without proper coverages or diagnostic capabilities, your techs will struggle to make appropriate repairs, keep up with newer models, and protect your investment. And without subscription services for software, you could find yourself replacing your diagnostic scan tools more frequently, which cuts into your shop’s bottom line.

With the Autel TCP, you don’t have to worry about replacing your hardware with each new update. Instead, you can purchase your software subscription package for tools like the MaxiSYS Elite, MaxIM IM608, or the MaxiSYS MS908 and keep your shop running efficiently year after year. With this capability, you’ll find that you spend less upfront and less throughout the years, giving you the potential to expand your business or fleet’s capacity.

Triad Diagnostic Solutions Supplies TCP Cards for All MaxiSYS Tools

Are you looking for the Autel TCP subscription renewal for your MaxiSYS tools? Then check out the complete list from Triad Diagnostic Solutions. As an Autel Master Distributor, we know how vital your diagnostic tool investment is, whether you work on heavy-duty trucks or automotive vehicles. To learn more or to contact us, call (844) 630-1106.