For repair shops, investing in quality diagnostic scan tools is essential. Choosing the right hardware and software for your needs can be tricky. While there are several big names in the diagnostics industry to choose from, really only one stands out: Autel.

Autel diagnostic tools come with more capabilities, covering more makes, models, and functions than their competitors. That’s why Triad Diagnostic Solutions is proud to be a master distributor of Autel tools in North America. With a lower initial investment, Autel continues to update its software throughout the year, staying up to date with OEMs and manufacturing guidelines. And, as a bonus, they back all of their equipment with the Autel Total Care Program.

How the Autel Total Care Program Works

When you purchase an Autel MaxiSYS tool, you’ll get one year of free software updates and a one-year warranty after registration. To register your device, you’ll need to visit the Autel site directly and create a customer account. From there, you can register all of your Autel tools using one login ID, which will allow you to keep track of all your devices, registrations, and updates available for each of them.

Just prior to your initial year expiration, Triad will contact you to purchase an additional one-year TCP subscription to extend the software coverage and the warranty associated with each tool. Not only does this save your shop from having to buy new hardware each year, but it also ensures that you continue to enjoy all of the great benefits included with the TCP, which include:

  • Extended limited warranty to cover device failure
  • Updated diagnostic features for proper testing
  • Updated vehicle coverage
  • Discounted battery replacement & tablet replacement
  • Remote customer service support

Why You’ll Want It

When it comes to running a successful repair shop, you need reliable tools. Whether you’re working on heavy-duty commercial vehicles or automotive vehicles, having the right diagnostic scan tools and software available will help keep your shop running efficiently. Keeping your Autel Total Care current every year ensures that you get the most out of your Autel tool. After the initial investment, keeping up with the yearly subscription fee is much more reasonable for shops than buying a completely new system and hardware. Furthermore, even if you let your subscription expire and don’t renew right away, renewal costs are still relatively cheaper than OEM and other aftermarket tools. This not only produces an excellent ROI for your shop, but it also ensures that your team can continue to operate smoothly and efficiently.

Get Your Autel Tools Today

Whether you’re looking for heavy-duty scan tools, automotive scan tools, tire pressure monitoring systems, or key programmers, Triad Diagnostic Solutions has you covered. We guarantee you’ll find everything on our website to keep your shop up and running. Give us a call today at (317) 939-3690.