In the fast-paced world of fleet management and heavy-duty truck repair, having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference. At Triad Diagnostic Solutions, we are the industry experts in commercial vehicle diagnostic solutions and feature Autel commercial vehicle diagnostic scan tools, each designed to deliver precision, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Let’s explore these tools and discover the benefits they bring to repair shops and fleet owners alike.

1. Autel MaxiSys MS909CV

Benefits for Repair Shops and Fleet Owners:

  • Comprehensive Vehicle Coverage: The MaxiSys MS909CV boasts extensive gas and diesel coverage for class 2 through 8 vehicles, including heavy-duty trucks, buses, and industrial engine applications. Repair shops can tackle a wide range of jobs, while fleet owners can efficiently maintain diverse vehicle types within their fleet.
  • Diagnostic Reporting: The MaxiSys MS909CV captures a total vehicle diagnostic report and stores it on the tablet for easy access on the hardware with the option of emailing to external customers. The diagnostic report includes all vehicle data, operational data and diagnostic trouble codes for the entire vehicle all in one easy to read report.
  • Added Coverage for Commercial Vehicle ADAS Calibrations: The MS909CV comes standard with the ADAS calibration software upgrade for all class 5 through 8 dynamic calibrations. The ADAS calibration software will also perform static calibrations with the addition of Autel’s ADAS calibration frame and targets.
  • Bonus Off-Highway Equipment Coverage: The MS909CV also comes standard with FULL diagnostic coverage for Caterpillar, John Deere and Case off-highway equipment and includes engine, transmission, body & chassis controller, and PTO coverage.
  • Advanced Diagnostics: With the MaxiSys MS909CV, technicians gain access to advanced diagnostic capabilities, then swiftly identify and analyze faults in engine, transmission, ABS, and other critical systems, reducing downtime and repair costs.
  • Bi-Directional Control: This tool empowers technicians with bi-directional control, enabling them to perform component testing and actuation. It’s not just about diagnosis; it’s about active problem-solving.
  • Maintenance Functions: The MS909CV includes the crucial functions of ongoing maintenance such as diesel particulate filter (DPS) regeneration and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system resets.
  • Fleet Portal Management Capabilities: For larger fleet, repair and dealer organizations MS909CV includes an additional benefit of providing a full reporting tool portal that includes GPS location, registration information, last touch server information, current software version, and coming soon, cloud based diagnostic reporting access.
  • Remote Diagnostic Capabilities: For large fleets and dealer organizations, the MS909CV can be paired with Autel’s X-Link remote diagnostic solution for full remote diagnostic connectivity anywhere in the world without the need for a diagnostic tablet, computer, or software at the point of service. Ask us how at: 317-939-3690.

2. Autel MaxiSYS MS908CV-II

Similar Coverage and Functionality at an Entry Level Price Point:

  • Coverage & Functionality: The MS908CV-II features similar coverage and functionality to the MS909CV for class 2 through 8 commercial vehicles with some exceptions.
  • Portable Design: The MaxiSYS MS908CV-II’s portable design makes it ideal for both in-shop and on-the-go diagnostics. Just like the MS909CV, technicians can take the MS908CV-II to the field for mobile repair services.
  • Comprehensive Service Functions: This tool offers a wide range of service functions, from advanced diagnostics to maintenance functions. It’s a versatile solution for both repair shops and fleet owners.

Autel Commercial Vehicle Diagnostic Tools – Your Path to Efficiency

Autel’s top commercial vehicle diagnostic scan tools are not just tools; they’re strategic investments for repair shops and fleet owners. With their comprehensive vehicle coverage, advanced diagnostics, and user-friendly interfaces, these tools ensure that maintenance and repairs are performed efficiently and cost-effectively.

At Triad Diagnostic Solutions, we recognize the value of equipping your operation with the best tools available. Autel’s commitment to innovation and performance aligns perfectly with our mission to provide top-notch solutions to repair shops and fleet owners.

Ready to streamline your fleet maintenance with cutting-edge technology? Autel Commercial Vehicle Diagnostic Tools are the key to unlocking higher efficiency and lower costs.  Get in touch with Triad Diagnostic Solutions at 317-939-3690 or send an email to see how we can tailor Autel’s advanced capabilities to fit your unique needs.