Replacing windshields and other auto glass isn’t a fun job. But windshield repair is a necessary repair after an incident that causes large cracks or an accident with glass breakage. Installing a new windshield is only half the battle for auto glass and auto body repair shops. Calibrating Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) must also follow auto glass installations to maintain the vehicle and driver safety—and Triad Diagnostic Solutions explains why.

What Are Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, or ADAS, is a suite of advanced safety features designed to assist drivers and reduce the risk of accidents on the road. Utilizing a combination of sensors, cameras, and radar, these systems provide drivers with real-time alerts and information, helping them navigate traffic, avoid collisions, and stay in control of their vehicles.

From lane departure warnings to adaptive cruise control, ADAS technology has come a long way in recent years and is now available on a wide range of vehicles. As the roadways become more crowded and complex, ADAS systems are becoming increasingly important in keeping drivers safe.

ADAS Systems on a Mercedez-Benz dashboard.

ADAS Calibration Process

For those in the auto glass industry, the calibration process for ADAS is becoming an increasingly important aspect of everyday work. With the proliferation of these systems in modern cars, ensuring their proper calibration is crucial for driver safety. The process involves precisely aligning cameras, sensors, and other components after windshield replacement or repair. A sensor that is just one degree out of place can compromise the system’s overall performance.

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Maintain Vehicle Safety Standards

Making sure that the vehicle is compliant with OEM ADAS calibrations specifications and all vehicle safety standards is a top priority for repair shops, which means paying close attention to all aspects of maintenance.
With proper ADAS calibrations, which include everything from steering angle sensors to cameras and radar sensors, proper calibrations to OEM specifications ensure the integrity of each vehicle’s safety systems. Forward facing sensors mounted on or near the windshield are especially important in the case of auto glass repair with crucial Lane Departure Warning (LDW) systems effected. Without proper calibration after installation, the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems may not function properly.

Mistakes That Affect ADAS Features Can Happen During Windshield Replacements

When it comes to replacing windshields, it’s important to keep in mind that there can be unintended consequences. Mistakes can happen, particularly when it comes to ADAS features. Any errors that occur during windshield replacement can negatively impact ADAS features. That’s why it’s important to choose an experienced auto glass technician or reputable auto glass shops who can ensure that your windshield is not only repaired or replaced properly but also calibrated correctly to avoid any problems with your ADAS features.

Save Money in the Long Run

While having an ADAS calibration done after an auto glass replacement may seem like an added expense, it can actually save them money in the long run. ADAS systems are designed to keep drivers safe on the road, and if they are not calibrated correctly, they can malfunction or fail completely. This puts drivers at risk of accidents with the potential of incurring more costly repairs down the road, higher insurance rates and potential legal liability.

Investing in the right tools can also save your shop time and money. When vehicles are calibrated correctly from the start, you’ll see fewer returns for the same issues. This also means you’ll be able to offer more to your customers and see more vehicles, boosting your shop’s revenue.

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Calibrate ADAS Systems with Triad Diagnostic Solutions

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems calibrations are essential for maintaining vehicle safety standards and ensuring the proper functioning of ADAS features. It is also important to recognize that proper calibrations can help prevent accidents, save money in the long run, and most importantly improve the overall driving experience. Offering these calibration services can ensure that all drivers remain safe on the roads and that their vehicles are running at their highest capacities following auto glass replacement.

Triad Diagnostic Solutions offers ADAS calibration tools that give your repair shop a boost. As a Master Distributor of Autel diagnostic scan tools and equipment, you can expect only the best. With every ADAS tool kit, you get all the essentials needed to perform these delicate diagnostics and repairs. And with our online tech support and in-person technical training, there’s no reason your shop and technicians can’t learn to utilize these tools. Free in person ADAS calibration training by a certified Autel trainer is also key to the Triad Diagnostic Solution program and we throw in free shipping in 48 states as well!

If you’re ready to invest, contact us today or order your kits online!


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