Allison DOC Premium

Allison DOC Premium


Allison DOC® factory OEM software suite encompasses multiple programs including Allison DOC® Premium, Allison DOC® Premium (H 40/50 EP™), and Allison DOC® Fleets. Each of these programs necessitates a distinct valid license for activation.

Jaltest software has all of the features, capabilities and troubleshooting information included in Allison DOC Premium without the need for formal Allison Transmission training to change calibrations or the need to purchase, manage, and utilize multiple OEM software applications.

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User needs to input additional credentials to unlock full Allison DOC Premium features (eLearn ID from completion of Allison Transmissions’ training program).

• Allison 6th Gen TCM Support: Includes support for Allison 6th Generation Transmission Control Modules (TCMs). Please note that Allison 6th Gen TCM Cybersecurity requires either online access or an Allison offline authentication USB Dongle.
• Allison FracTran™ Support: FracTran™ functionality is now included in the Allison DOC® Premium subscription, providing enhanced support for specific applications.
• Monitors Transmission Control Module (TCM) data for 3000/4000 Product Families and 1000/2000 Product Families.
• Monitors Off-Highway data for CEC2, CEC3, CEC5, and CEC6.
• Monitors TC10 data.
• Monitors CEC (ATEC) Electronic Control Units (ECU) data using proprietary protocol and compatible translation devices.
• Displays a wide range of transmission parameters.
• Offers a graphical instrument panel featuring analog and digital gauges.
• Provides a graphical strip chart for visual data representation.
• Records and plays back diagnostic sessions for comprehensive analysis.
• Generates diagnostic reports for documentation purposes.
• Allows reprogramming of selected TCM parameters (completion of Allison Transmission training required).
• Enables reprogramming of FuelSense® 2.0 parameters without requiring completion of Allison Transmission training.

• Implements security measures to control TCM/ECU parameter reprogramming.
• Includes integrated Help with training videos for user assistance.
• Provides Diagnostic Trouble Code information with direct links to Troubleshooting Manuals.
• Offers a demo mode utilizing prerecorded data.
• Utilizes SmartConnect to detect the PC-to-vehicle translation device and communication link.
• Features a communication troubleshooting wizard for resolving connectivity issues.
• Complies with applicable TMC Recommended Practices, SAE Standards, and CE Standards.
• RP1210C compliant, ensuring compatibility with industry standards.

• Microsoft® Windows 10®
• 256 GB Hard Drive or Greater
• 3 GB free hard drive space required to install the program (after software installation, the operating system requires sufficient free hard disk space to run the program)
• 4 GB RAM or Greater- 8 GB is Recommended
• Monitor capable of supporting a resolution of 1280×768 or higher recommended
• USB port
• Full administrative privileges are required to install, use, and update Allison DOC® Premium
• Internet broadband connection capability for activation/reactivation, receiving updates and file downloads using port 443

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