• Introducing the MaxiIM IKEY IKEYCR5TPR, a programmable 5-button key fob that's compatible with Chrysler- and Dodge-style vehicles. With this key fob, you'll have convenient remote access to unlock, lock, remote start, open the trunk, and access panic functions. The IKEYCR5TPR also comes equipped with Autel's powerful Rescue Blade technology, which meets or exceeds industry and regulatory standards. Compatible with vehicle systems using 315/415 MHz and 868/915 MHz frequencies, the IKEYCR5TPR has a transmission range of up to 40 meters/130 feet—making it ideal for both short- and long-range use. Battery (CR2032) and Emergency Blade not included. Comes with. a 1-year limited warranty.


  • If you're looking for a tool that can program Chrysler- and Dodge-style IKEYS, look no further than the Autel MaxiIM IKEY. This 4-button key is compatible with vehicle systems using 315/415 MHz and 868/915 MHz frequencies and is capable of transmission at ultra-long range (40 meters/130 feet). It also comes with the Autel MaxiIM KM100, which makes programming IKEYS a breeze. As an added bonus, the included Rescue Blade is perfect for emergency situations. And with a 1-year limited warranty, you can rest assured that your Autel MaxiIM IKEY is built to last. Battery (CR2032) and Emergency Blade not included.


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