Working smarter, not harder, is an essential part of running an automotive repair shop. Reducing costs while increasing your repair capabilities with speed and accuracy are crucial to today’s heavy duty independent repair facilities and fleets, you’re going to need the most reliable diagnostic scan tools on the market. Intelligent and easy to use, the Autel MaxiSYS 909CV from Triad Diagnostic Solutions is the perfect tool kit for shops of all sizes.

This one-stop multi-brand tool is ideal for management and organizing operational flows through your shop. The Autel MaxiSYS 909CV covers 126 brands of light to heavy truck applications. For everything from an F-150 to a Freightliner, you can access all diagnostic trouble code information, vehicle live data, vehicle computer records, and over 2,000 bi-directional commands from diagnostic testing, parameter resets and maintenance capabilities, with this all-in-one solution for your repairs.

Powerful Hardware

The MaxiSYS 909CV tablet is a favorite for shop managers and technicians because of its durability and large 10-inch touchscreen. This tablet runs off an octa-core processor and has 128GB of memory providing a powerful, fast, and reliable scan tool. The MS909CV also features front and rear cameras and a rechargeable lithium battery, which provides eight hours of continuous use to ensure you’re always ready to scan.

Powerful Software

Intelligence for the MS909CV doesn’t just end with the hardware. Autel has also included incredible software that gives you capabilities not found with other aftermarket and OEM tools. Total vehicle diagnostic routines with the ability to view all modules and diagnostic trouble codes on one platform, coupled with the ability to run the same bi-directional testing capabilities in multiple OEM software is a huge advantage from your investment.

MS909CV Makes it Easy to Complete Each Repair Intelligently

When you need a diagnostic scan tool to complete a repair, turn to the diagnostic scan tools from Triad Diagnostic Solutions. We carry all Autel tools, including the MS909CV, the MS ULTRA, and the MS919. Check out the complete list of products on our website or call us at (317) 939-3690.