The average personal watercraft gets just a little over 20 hours of use each summer. However, if you live in warmer climates, that average tends to be higher, especially if you run a jet ski rental company. Sea-Doo watercraft are some of the best jet skis on the market today and is often the brand of choice amongst commercial watercraft rental operations.

Yet, if you expect your watercraft to last season after season, regular maintenance and service are required. With Jaltest Marine kits from Triad Diagnostic Solutions, you can perform all the necessary service checks and keep up with maintenance requirements to keep a well-maintained jet ski is more profitable by both reducing the expense of maintenance and repair requirements and increasing uptime.

Jaltest Marine Diagnostic software offers the step-by-step guide for the last maintenance service on Sea-Doo watercraft below.

Step 1

Performing the advanced diagnostics after the maintenance service is crucial. The Jaltest Marine Complete Diagnostic Full Kit allows you to quickly write on the ECM, updating the system with the latest maintenance repairs. It starts with accessing the watercraft’s brand menu and navigating to the hardware connection process.

Step 2

Once you’ve selected your brand (in this case, the GTX (4-TEC)), you will see all of the systems available for checks. As an all-in-one platform, the Jaltest Marine software stays up to date with all the latest models. Of course, depending on the year of your model, the systems you have access to could be different.

Step 3

Once inside the systems check, you can access the engine and navigate your way to the connector help symbol. From there, you’ll be given images and directions for hooking up your Jaltest connector cable to the engine of the watercraft. Once you’ve attached your cable, click connect.

Step 4-8

After a connection is made, you’ll select the Maintenance Menu and then the Last Maintenance Service selection. Here, you’ll see the most recent information related to the maintenance of your Sea-Doo. This information typically includes the time, date, and counter. Once you’re ready to reset the system, you’ll click into the service reset and finish the process of writing the new information on the ECM. You should then see the new register listed.

Step 9

To continue checking the technical information of your Sea-Doo, select the Vessel Service Data and access the complete maintenance guide. In this example, you can see that the suggested maintenance timeline is 100 hours/1 year interval.

Step 10

You can wrap up the maintenance on your Sea-Doo by using the Jaltest Marine report that’s generated, saving it on the GRP and in the cloud. This information is crucial for keeping up with the maintenance of your watercraft, ensuring you get years of use out of the machine.

Keep Up with Sea-Doo Maintenance

If you run a marine repair shop or an independent jet ski rental company, you know how important it is to keep watercraft on the water and out of the shop. Jaltest Marine kits and cables from Triad Diagnostic Solutions give you everything you need to maintain, repair, and service your Sea-Doos. We also supply off-highway, commercial, and agriculture kits – all essential for the maintenance of diesel engines. Order your marine kit online or give us a call at (317) 939-3690.

Photo by Donald Tong