Are the high costs of multiple OEM diagnostic software and various troubleshooting and repair information applications draining your budget? Are these factors limiting your technicians’ abilities to repair your trucks or off-highway equipment successfully? If you’re like most repair shops, this is likely the case. Today’s truck technology includes multiple electronic control units for multiple systems. For shops that service and repair multiple trucks makes and components, an all-makes diagnostic tool with dealer-level functionality is the answer.

Jaltest diagnostic tools are now a favorite among technicians and mechanic shops worldwide. If you’re looking for a software tool that will regularly meet all of your needs, advance your shop’s skills, and make it easy for you to assess the entire vehicle in under 90 seconds, then have the bi-directional functionality and repair information to complete the job correctly, then Jaltest diagnostic tools are what you need. Here is a quick comparison between OEM and Jaltest platforms. Check out Triad Diagnostic Solutions.

Where It All Began

There’s no doubt that original equipment manufacturing tools have always been on the leading edge of diagnostic technology. However, these systems can make it difficult for fleets or repair shops to maintain vehicles efficiently and effectively. That’s where Jaltest comes in. Now, Jaltest diagnostic tools gives the traditional OEM diagnostic software platform a run for its money by providing the all makes tool technicians everywhere have been craving.

Jaltest: Your Single Source Solution

For a truck repair shop to be successful with today’s vehicles, the right diagnostic tool must be in the toolbox. OEM diagnostic tools are expensive, complicated, and full of limitations. In fact, it is not uncommon for shops to make costly investments in multiple tools to get the job done. These tools end up being underutilized, difficult to manage from a technical perspective, and often do not return their respective value from the ROI perspective. That’s why Jaltest diagnostic tools are the answer!

Jaltest diagnostic tools are capable of identifying and troubleshooting proprietary codes, which means you can view the same errors and codes read by the OEM diagnostic tools but can use Jaltest for various makes and models. Additionally, Jaltest is always staying up to date with the latest technology and updates on new equipment. Jaltest leads the industry in being up to date on coverage on late-model vehicles and equipment.

Furthermore, Jaltest diagnostic tools offer comprehensive, all-makes diagnostic solutions for commercial vehicles, off-highway equipment, agriculture equipment, and marine vessels. These features not only expand your shop’s repair capabilities but also broadens the knowledge and skills of your technicians by allowing them to diagnose a problem and fix problems quickly. Not to mention, Jaltest makes it easy for you to stay on top of maintenance and find issues before they become major failures.

Make the Switch to Jaltest

It’s time to replace your OEM and aftermarket software and applications with Jaltest Diagnostic Software from Triad Diagnostic Solutions. You’ll enjoy a multitude of features, functionalities, repair information, and more in one easy-to-use application. To learn more call us at (317) 939-3690.