The Jaltest Marine kit from Cojali is the most comprehensive kit on the market. This software provides marine workshops and shipyards with the tools and diagnostic software necessary for maintenance on Inboard, Outboard, Diesel, and Jet Ski engines. Triad Diagnostic Solutions proudly offers this coverage to shops throughout North America.

What You Can Expect

You can expect full diagnostics, service, and technical data in one tool with the marine software. Your techs can confidently work on boats, skiffs, yachts, commercial vessels and Jet Skis of all makes and models. This includes having the abilities to:

  • Read and clear error codes
  • Access vital system technical data
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Read engine technical data
  • Access previous service and maintenance data
  • Troubleshoot with step-by-step instructions

Furthermore, the coverages on the marine software allow users to:

  • Change calibrations
  • Access key parameter settings and adjustments
  • Program the keys of Jet Skis

You’ll also have reliable technical support, and training for all of your techs, along with the hardware and software. Furthermore, you will enjoy the integrated GRP-workshop management system that Jaltest includes with every kit. This system provides repair updates, time management, and more!

Why You Should Invest in Jaltest Marine Software

Are you losing money on timely and costly repairs to marine vessels? Do you run a marine repair shop or service and lack the needed all makes diagnostic tools to do the job? Then Jaltest marine diagnostic kit can help you! With this all-inclusive tool, you can access the same commands as OEM dealers, such as injector tests, fuel pump tests, and more. With step-by-step instructions and repair guides, your techs will never have to second-guess a repair, nor will they spend hours troubleshooting error codes just to make the problem worse. Additionally, you can create your own guides if there are repair processes that you prefer to take, which just speaks to Jaltest marine software’s customization quality.

Find the Jaltest Kit that Meets Your Needs

Having the right tools and diagnostic kit available to your shipyard is essential for keeping business afloat. As a master distributor of Jaltest tools, Triad Diagnostic Solutions has a complete lineup of marine software kits. No matter your repair needs or specialties, we’ve got a kit that’s built specifically for your needs. To order your marine software kit, call us today at (317) 939-3690, or check us out online.

Photo by Alina Kacharho on Unsplash