Managing a mixed fleet can feel overwhelming, especially when it comes to doing in-house repairs. Diagnostic tools with limited capabilities can further your frustration when it comes to making timely and efficient repairs. Not only do you need a standardized system that works on medium and heavy-duty trucks, but they need to be able to cover all of the different manufacturers of vehicles, engines, transmissions, and brakes.

On the surface, being able to repair your fleet properly with little cost means you’re running a tight ship. But if we go a little deeper, your customers also benefit from your investment in Autel diagnostic tools from Triad Diagnostic Solutions. With quicker turnarounds and regular maintenance schedules, you can continue to deliver goods and materials on time, leaving you with happy customers every time. So, if you’re still not convinced of all the great benefits associated with Autel’s mixed fleet capabilities, here is a list of things to consider.

1. Access Control Regardless of Make or Model

It’s not uncommon for businesses to have different types of vehicles from Ford, GM, Ram, Hino, Isuzu, Mitsubishi-Fuso, and Sprinters to Freightliner, Mack, Volvo, International, Western Star, Kenworth, and Peterbilt heavy trucks. When it comes to doing repairs on your fleet, not having a mixed fleet/all makes diagnostic capabilities can prove challenging for services techs. Furthermore, many vehicles and heavy-duty manufacturers require OE software or authorized tools to access essential vehicle information. With the tools from Autel, you never have to worry about repairing a mixed fleet. Autel’s all makes coverage with the MaxiSYS MS908CV allows techs to work on class three through eight vehicles with dealer-level bi-directional functionality, parameter resets, and access to operational data in one easy-to-use tool.

2. Easily Monitor Maintenance Progress

Being able to track your fleets or customer’s diagnostic report history is critical to running a successful maintenance and repair facility. With Autel, your entire shop’s repair history is kept in one easy-to-locate cloud storage database, which means you’ll be able to access it. This capability is beneficial for shops with mixed fleets. You can keep all of your manufacturer repair guides, tips, information, and maintenance processes in one place, rather than maintaining several different software registrations for various makes and models.

3. Reduce Comebacks and Increase UPTIME

As you might know, keeping track of how a diagnostic related repair can be challenging, especially if your technicians are juggling several different repairs and responsibilities simultaneously. Many times, OEM software does not allow for reporting of total vehicle health, what the vehicle health was prior to the repair, or what the status of the vehicle’s diagnostic health condition was after the repair was completed. With the Autel MaxiSYS MS908CV, the diagnostic report records the vehicle health diagnostic report upon initial connection and just as important, another diagnostic report upon disconnection. This works as a check in, check-out process all stored in the cloud. Your shop can provide documentation to your customer of the vehicle condition prior to repair and how it relates to the complaint, and document the vehicle’s diagnostic condition after the repair. This allows total visibility to your customer or for a fleet, the ability to audit a technician’s repair to ensure it was done completely. This documentation holds technicians accountable, documents the vehicle condition against the initial complaint, and provides crucial documentation of the vehicle’s condition upon returning to the customer or fleets duty cycle.

4. Make All Repairs, Complexity Made Simple

Nothing is scarier to a shop manager than a repair tech who just wings it. With technology changing constantly, it’s essential that technicians utilize a diagnostic tool just about every time they touch a truck. Manufacturers change the location of certain fluids, plugs, and electrical systems all the time. New systems, sensors, and other complexities are engineered into today’s trucks than ever before. They do this to meet each design’s needs, but it can make doing performing all makes repairs a challenge if multiple tools are required. When you have a mixed fleet, the Autel MaxiSYS MS908CV is the answer. All makes with over 126 brands of trucks and major components with dealer level functionality ensure successful all makes diagnostic capabilities with the same software navigation regardless of make or model.

5. Opens You Up to New Equipment

With mixed fleet/all make capabilities in your shop, you’ve now opened up your business to a whole new opportunity to either grow your fleet or expand your repair capabilities to other makes and models. Whether medium or heavy truck applications, you now have the options of nearly every dealership at your fingertips. With the right diagnostic hardware and software in your shop, you can feel confident and comfortable venturing out to try a newer, more fuel-efficient model.

Discover All of Autel’s Capabilities

Triad Diagnostic Solutions is a proud master distributor of Autel diagnostic tools. With numerous models and complete repair capabilities for mixed-fleets, Autel elevates your repair shop by giving each technician the knowledge to work on various codes and repairs. Give yourself everything you need when you invest in Autel today. Call us for more information at (317) 939-3690.