As automotive manufacturers continue to produce new, more vehicle computer-dependent cars and trucks, especially now that all 2018 and newer passenger cars are equipped with ADAS systems, the attempt to enhance the diagnostic network security has led to the implementation of new gateway controller technologies.  This technology presents new challenges to aftermarket repair shops and fleets that maintain automotive and light truck applications. Chrysler and Nissan are the early adopters of a secure gateway (SGW) controller that sits like a sentry in front of all CAN controllers on the vehicle, limiting access without an authorized encryption code.

Autel is changing that game for many. In fact, Fiat/Chrysler and Nissan recently updated who was included in their authorized tool list and who could access the information found on their gateway module. However, like with any OE system and manufacturer, there’s a catch. While it’s true that you’ll be able to use your Autel tool from Triad Diagnostic Solutions, you’ll still want to know about all of these other requirements from the manufacturer.

Yearly Registration

You didn’t expect the ability to access these secure gateway controllers for free, did you? Of course not. In addition to owning an authorized tool, you’ll also have to pay a third-party subscription to Auto Auth,,  a yearly registration fee of $50 to access the gateway module and get passage through the SGW.

Access Requires the Internet

Because Auto Auth is web-based, your shop will need to have a reliable internet connection. This means you’ll have to set up your internet connection when you authorize a tool so that it can communicate with the Fiat, Chrysler FCA server once a car is in your shop. This identification connection is required throughout the entire repair process, which means you won’t be able to go off the grid once a repair has been started.

You Can Still Bypass

Chrysler’s security gateway module was put into place to block direct communication to and through the OBD-II port in any of their vehicles. This eliminated hacking capabilities through hotspots and laptops and limited communications to basic diagnostics that shops often need to complete repairs. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t bypass this system if you lack the proper tools. While we don’t recommend this route, you can access the gateway module using our 12+8 Connector Cable. With this cable, the wiring to the gateway is disconnected, and this cable takes its place, allowing you and your techs to access critical vehicle operation information. This route has been a universally common yet effective way of getting around the new requirements. It’s extremely beneficial for shops that don’t repair Fiat, Chrysler, or Nissan vehicles often. The only downside to using this method is that the SGM is found somewhere deep within the vehicle and usually involves removing the entire radio panel. So, it could end up costing your shop more time and money to go this route.

Stay Registered with Triad Diagnostic Solutions

Not too many diagnostic tool brands have the luxury of being recognized and authorized by vehicle manufacturers. So, for Autel to be authorized by FCA and Nissan ensures that your investment in Autel diagnostic tools is a comprehensive solution and not limited by the new technology and security requirements of the OEMs. Not only are these tools reliable, but they’re also worth every penny. Autel light-duty diagnostic tools cover 99% of all makes and models on the road today and have all the capabilities your shop techs need to succeed.

To learn more about Autel or find the next tool to add to your arsenal, call Triad Diagnostic Solutions today.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels