Triad Diagnostic Solutions customers who utilize the Autel and Jaltest systems now have the capability to diagnose FCA vehicles, a significant advancement supporting the right to repair movement. This new functionality is safeguarded through AutoAuth, ensuring secure operations. Videos with detailed instructions on activating this feature is available, and you can read on for the complete announcement and written instructions.

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Since 2018, FCA vehicles (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) have included a SGW security module (Secure GateWay) designed to block unauthorized diagnostics and prevent security breaches. This module restricts certain diagnostic functions essential for comprehensive vehicle repairs, such as bidirectional tests and clearing diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs).

Unlocking FCA Vehicle Diagnostics: A Step-by-Step Guide for Jaltest and Autel Users

Jaltest has now enabled access to these FCA vehicles equipped with the SGW module by gaining approval as a compatible tool by FCA, facilitating a seamless connection between the user’s diagnostic tool and the OEM authentication servers.

Here are three straightforward steps to access authenticated diagnostic capabilities for Jaltest or Autel:

  1. Ensure your Jaltest system is updated to version 21.2 or later, and you are using a Jaltest Link V8 device or newer.
  2. All Autel tablets that are eligible for AutoAuth registration will present the model names on the dropdown menu within the AutoAuth website.
  3. Register your facility on the AutoAuth website:
    • Visit the registration page and set up your shop account. Confirm your email and log in. These credentials will grant you administrator rights.
    • A yearly subscription fee set by FCA US is required. Choose either “Service Centre Signup” or “Independent Technician Signup” to proceed with your registration payment.
    • From your administrator account, navigate to “Manage Users” to add up to five technician users without additional costs; more users can be added at an extra fee according to AutoAuth’s guidelines.
  4. Configure your Jaltest tools
    • Under the “Manage Tools” section, click on “Add Tool,” for Jaltest select “COJALI” as the Manufacturer and “JALTEST” as the Tool model, and input the last 9 digits of your Jaltest device’s serial number found on the device label. For Autel, select “Autel”, then pick the tablet model number, then enter the tool serial number found on the back of the tablet.
    • You can link up to 100 tools to your administrator account.

After completing these steps, users are authorized to perform full diagnostics on FCA vehicles protected by the SGW module using registered Jaltest devices. When ready, select the vehicle model, open up the Autel tablet or Jaltest software, and ensure your tablet or computer remains online throughout the diagnostic process. For more information Visit our website Triad Diagnostic Solutions Contact us at 317-939-3690 or email us