Deutz Serdia (Level 1)

Deutz Serdia (Level 1)


Level 1 Serdia software only displays diagnostic trouble codes on all Deutz engines.

Jaltest software offers full Level 3 dealer level diagnostic coverage and capabilities on Deutz engines.

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The Deutz Serdia system mandates the utilization of the DECOM interface. This DECOM interface, essential for operating SERDIA, is uniquely serialized and designated for individual users. This method allows Deutz to meticulously record any modifications made through its use. Additionally, the interface has built-in restrictions based on the user’s level of training, controlling access and capabilities accordingly.

There are three distinct tiers within the Deutz Serdia framework: SERDIA User Level 1, SERDIA User Level 2, and SERDIA User Level 3. When acquiring a new interface, users are initially granted a 12-month license for SERDIA User Level 1. This entry-level access is the most widely available option and represents the basic tier purchasable by the general public. In contrast, the advanced levels, Level 2 and Level 3, are exclusively available to authorized dealers, restricting their access to a more specialized audience.

Access and Features of Serdia User Level 1 include:

  • Information on Operation and Maintenance
  • Monitoring Engine Operating Parameters
  • Details on Exhaust After-Treatment Systems
  • Insights into the Fuel System
  • Ability to View and Reset Error Logs
  • It’s crucial to understand that User Level 1 does not grant permissions to reset EEPROM or PRV counters

User Level 2 Access and Features for Dealers include:

  • Capabilities for Testing and Regenerating Exhaust After-Treatment Systems
  • Diagnostic Tests for the Fuel System, including injector assessments and IQA code analysis
  • Conducting Compression Tests
  • Permissions to Reset EEPROM and PRV Counters
  • Calibration of the Accelerator Pedal
  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Functions for the Injection and After-Treatment Systems
  • Online Services for Data Downloading and Programming

User Level 3 Access and Features for Dealers encompass:

  • Inclusion of all functionalities available in User Levels 1 and 2
  • Enhanced Diagnostic Tools and Capabilities
  • Advanced Graphing Features, Trip Recording, and Direct Online Access to Electrical Wiring Diagrams

Jaltest software offers full Level 3 dealer level diagnostic coverage and capabilities on Deutz engines.

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