Off-highway vehicles are built to withstand rugged terrain and heavy lifting. But what happens when your heavy-duty machinery breaks down in the middle of a job? If you don’t have the right tools to diagnose and make repairs right then and there, costly service calls from the dealer are necessary, or worse, the equipment could be out of commission for days or potentially weeks if a tow to the repair shop is required. The related downtime not only incurs repair-related expenses but can cause wasted man-hours and potentially extend a project’s anticipated completion date.

Now, Jaltest diagnostic tools make it easy for heavy-duty technicians to quickly diagnose and repair diagnostic problems. Jaltest diagnostic tools lead the industry in all makes off-highway equipment coverage; you can rest easy knowing you have the best equipment handy at each job site. At Triad, we’re excited about some of the new OHW diagnostic capabilities of Jaltest, and we’re here to share them with you!

Why You Need Jaltest

The advent of EPA emissions standards has made today’s off-highway equipment more complicated than ever to maintain, mechanical failures are bound to happen, and usually at the most inconvenient times. With vehicles used for construction, earthmoving, cleaning, and road maintenance, you need a multi-brand diagnostic tool in your toolbox to be able to perform repairs quickly and keep up with continuous maintenance. Thanks to advances in technology, Jaltest diagnostic tools are the best in the world when it comes to coverage and offer more capabilities than any other diagnostic kit out there. This makes Cojali USA one of the most trusted brands when it comes to off-highway equipment maintenance and repairs.

Jaltest Capabilities

Jaltest Off-Highway has one of the broadest coverages with over 75 brands of equipment including Astra, Bobcat, Case CE, Caterpillar, John Deere, Kobelco, Kubota, and Volvo CE to name a few. This tool can be transported with you wherever you go and combines the diagnostic software with integrated troubleshooting and repair information, all right at your fingertips.

Jaltest OHW includes:

  • Troubleshooting guides by symptoms
  • Automatic detection of systems and error codes
  • Real-time sensor monitoring
  • Interactive wiring diagrams
  • Mechanical technical data
  • Machine history
  • Management and reporting of diagnosis, maintenance, and task reports

And so much more!

Jaltest Link V9

With all of these advanced features in place, it’s hard to imagine how our OHW diagnostic tool could be any more intuitive or provide any more information, but it can. Jaltest also includes step-by-step troubleshooting, component replacement guides, and technical specifications.

Some of the other hot features that the Link V9 incorporates include:

  • Tool impact absorption, so you never have to worry about damage if you drop the device. It also prevents dirt and water from getting inside the casing.
  • Easy and safe connection with upgraded USB connectors and cables.
  • The latest software version with a customizable user interface.
  • Bluetooth, double the RAM, 4 CAN channels, dual BUS reading capacity, and more supported communication protocols.

Turn to Triad Diagnostic Solutions

Your OHW diagnostic tools should be reliable and have the latest updates to stay current with industry trends and technology advances. The off-highway diagnostic capabilities of Jaltest will keep your downtime to a minimum so you can focus on completing the job. You can only find that kind of reliability with Triad Diagnostic Solutions and our line of Jaltest off-highway diagnostic tools. To learn more, check out our website or give us a call at (317) 939-3690.

Photo by Shane McLendon on Unsplash