When investing in high-quality automotive diagnostic tools, the source of your purchase plays a pivotal role in the value you get from your investment. Autel, a leading provider of professional automotive diagnostic tools and equipment, emphasizes the importance of purchasing their products through an authorized US distributor. This approach guarantees not only the authenticity of the product but also a wealth of supportive benefits that enhance your tool’s utility and lifespan.

The Risks of Buying from Unauthorized Resellers, or Retail and Auction Sites

Purchasing Autel products from unauthorized resellers or off of Ebay or Amazon can seem like a tempting option, especially if the price point is significantly lower. However, the downsides of such a decision far outweigh any upfront savings. Here’s why:

  • Lack of US Technical Support: Autel products bought from unauthorized dealers do not qualify for US technical support. This means any challenges or troubleshooting needs you encounter will not be addressed by qualified Autel support teams based in the US, potentially leaving you with unresolved technical issues.
  • No Warranty Coverage: Products purchased from non-authorized resellers aren’t covered under Autel’s US warranty. This exposes you to significant risk, as any malfunction or failure would require out-of-pocket expenses for repair or replacement.
  • Exclusion from Software Updates: Autel continuously releases software updates to enhance their tools’ capabilities and expand vehicle coverage. Tools purchased outside authorized channels miss out on these updates, diminishing the tool’s effectiveness and longevity.
  • Risk of Retail or Auction Sites: Unfortunately in today’s world unscrupulous individuals use the internet as a place to sell used and stolen equipment or tools that are registered for sales overseas that lack the ability to update the software technical and warranty support in North America. Triad has had countless customers that have made this unfortunate mistake that called us in desperation to fix. Don’t make the same mistake.
The Risks of Buying from Unauthorized Resellers,or Retail and Auction Sites

Identifying Unauthorized Resellers and Products

To protect your investment, it’s critical to recognize signs of unauthorized resellers or products. Here are some indicators:

  • Unrecognized Sellers: Platforms like Amazon, eBay, JB Tools, and Locksmith Keyless are not authorized distributors of Autel products. Purchasing from these or similar platforms can lead to issues with warranty support and software updates.
  • Suspicious Websites: Any website mimicking Autel’s official site or claiming to sell directly from the manufacturer is not authorized. Autel does not sell directly but through a network of approved distributors listed on the where to buy page of the Autel US website.
  • Foreign Market Tools: Tools designated for foreign markets, such as the MK or MaxiCOM series (e.g., MK808, MK908, or MK906BT), and certain MaxiSys tools like the MS909, MS919, and MSULTRA, are often sold by unauthorized resellers and are not intended for US distribution. These tools may not meet US regulatory standards or receive support.

The Advantages of Buying from Triad Diagnostic Solutions

Triad Diagnostic Solutions stands out as a beacon of reliability and service in the distribution of Autel products. As an authorized distributor listed on Autel’s official “where to buy” page, Triad offers several compelling advantages:

  • Free Shipping: Customers enjoy free shipping across the contiguous United States, making it easier and more affordable to acquire top-grade Autel tools.
  • No Sales Tax (Except in Indiana): The absence of a sales tax charge for purchases outside of Indiana presents significant savings, lowering the overall cost of investment in high-quality diagnostic tools.
The Advantages of Buying from Triad Diagnostic Solutions
  • In-depth Product Knowledge: The staff at Triad Diagnostic Solutions are not just retailers; they are experts in Autel products. This deep knowledge ensures that customers receive tailored advice and recommendations that best suit their specific diagnostic needs.
  • Robust After-Sales Support: Triad’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends well beyond the point of sale. Their after-sales support is a testament to their dedication to providing ongoing assistance, ensuring that customers extract maximum benefit from their tools.
  • US Support and Warranty: Since Triad is an authorized US distributor, all Autel tools purchased through them are fully backed by US-based support and warranty. This assurance is pivotal for professionals who rely on their diagnostic tools for daily operations.
  • Specialized fleet programs: Triad is the fleet team for Autel. For medium to large fleets and aftermarket repair organizations, Triad offers specialized management programs that include everything from cloud based electronic renewals, to fleet portals for equipment and software information, to GPS tracking capabilities to remote programming solutions. All exclusive through Triad.


The choice of where to buy your Autel products is not just about the purchase but about the total package of benefits and security you get. By choosing an authorized distributor like Triad Diagnostic Solutions, you ensure that your investment is protected, supported, and continuously enhanced through updates. This strategic decision not only secures your tool’s functionality but also its future relevance and efficiency in an ever-evolving automotive industry. Make the smart choice for your business and opt for the guaranteed pathway offered by authorized Autel distributors.