In the United States, John Deere is the leading brand for agricultural machinery. When consumers picture the tractor or combine local farmers use, they usually picture the big, green machines. And there’s a good reason farmers choose these tractors.

Not only does John Deere manufacture equipment that’s tailored to the needs of the agricultural market, but they are known to manufacture equipment that’s cutting edge and leads others in technology. With a Jaltest Agriculture Diagnostic kit from Triad Diagnostic Solutions, you can perform many different actions and essential maintenance on these tractors. In today’s example, we’re walking you through a transmission calibration on a John Deere 3R Series tractor with a PTH transmission.

Step 1

If you’ve noticed that your tractor’s transmission is acting up or a component has recently been switched, you’ll need to calibrate the transmission. Using the Jaltest AGV software, you can perform this task with ease on the 3R Series. Below, you’ll see that your first step needs to be selecting the correct ECU of the vehicle.

Step 2

Once you’ve selected the ECU, Jaltest will walk you through the connection. This step in any process is usually accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions and images that show you precisely what you’re looking at while connecting.

Step 3

Once a connection is established using the correct cable, the Jaltest platform will take you to the tractor’s main diagnosis menu.

Step 4

Here you can navigate your way to the fault codes that the software is reading from the machine. These fault codes will give you clues as to what is wrong with the transmission and if calibration is needed to restore your tractor.

Steps 5-9

From the navigation menu, you can see that the calibration menu needs to be selected, and it is easy to calibrate the transmission by following these step-by-step instructions.

Step 10

Once the calibration actions have been completed on your 3R Series or your other farm equipment, fault codes will clear on their own. However, you should continue to navigate back to the fault code reading menu to ensure that those codes have cleared and no other issues exist within your tractor.

Diagnostics Made Easy

With Jaltest, diagnosing your agricultural and farming equipment is easy and stress-free. The AGV software and hardware kits are designed to give you precisely what you need to work on your tractors. Performing your own tasks and maintenance means less downtime for you and more money in your pocket. If you’re looking for a surefire way to repair your farm equipment, then contact Triad Diagnostic Solutions today! We also have a great lineup of commercial and off-highway kits to choose from.

Photo by Thomas Buijck on Unsplash