MA60020 Mobile LDW ADAS Frame Package w/o Tablet

MA60020 Mobile LDW ADAS Frame Package w/o Tablet

Original price was: $10,085.00.Current price is: $9,585.00.

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The Portable Automotive ADAS LDW is an essential tool for any technician calibrating Lane Departure Warning (LDW) systems. Coverages include Alpha Romeo, Honda, VW, Mercedes, Hyundai/Kia, Nissan, Infiniti, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Subaru, and Toyota/Lexus. The included software upgrade makes it compatible with MaxiSYS tablets, making it an efficient and reliable solution. The system is expandable with optional expansion packs for BSM, ACC, AVM, and NV calibration coverage. With a 1-year limited warranty.

Original price was: $10,085.00.Current price is: $9,585.00.

5% Off

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Portable Automotive ADAS LDW Includes:

  • ADAS Calibration Software Upgrade
  • MA600 Foldable Calibration Frame
  • Alfra Romeo – LDWI CSC0601/10
  • Honda / Acura – LDWI CSC0601/05
  • Honda / Acura – LDWII CSC0601/08-L
  • Honda / Acura – LDWII CSC0601/24-01
  • Honda / Acura- LDWII CSC0601/08-R
  • Hyundai / KIA – LDW CSCO601/09
  • Hyundai / KIA-LDWII CSC0601/07
  • Hyundia / KIA – LDW111 CSC701/23
  • Mazda – LDWI CSC0601/12
  • Mazda – LDWII CSC0601/13-L
  • Mazda – LDWII CSC0601/13-R
  • Mercedes – LDWII CSC0601/19
  • Mercedes-LDWI CSC0601/02
  • Mitsubishi – LDWI CSC0601/22-L
  • Mitsubishi – LDWI CSC0601/22-R
  • Nissan – LDWII CSC0601/03-L
  • Nissan – LDWII CSC0601/03-R
  • Nissan – LDWIII CSC0601/04-L
  • Nissan – LDWIII CSC0601/04-R
  • Nissan / Infiniti – LDWI CSC0601/06-L
  • Nissan / Infiniti – LDWI CSC0601/06-R
  • Subaru – LDWI CSC0601/14
  • Subaru – LDWII CSC601/17
  • Toyota – LDWII CSC0601/15
  • Toyota / Lexus – LDWI CSC0601/11
  • Toyota / Lexus – LDWIII CSC601/25
  • Toyota LDWIV – CSC0601/11-01
  • Volkswagen / Audi / Porche – LDWI CSC0601/01
  • L-shaped Bracket: Assist with measuring distance from front wheel for frame placementCSC1500/04
  • Laser Assist Mirror: Easier viewing under the car to set centerlineCSC1500/06
  • Plumb Line: Transfer centerline of vehicle to point on groundCSC1500/07
  • Laser Assisted Board: Used with Five Line or Two Line laser to find vehicle centerlineCSC1500/08
  • Five Line Laser: Used to find perpendicular axis from any pointCSC1500/05
  • Two Line Laser: Used to align calibration frame to vehicle centerlineCSC1500/03

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