Millions of commercial, passenger, and emergency vehicles in the United States rely on diesel fuel. However, with fuel costs rising, there’s no better time to refresh yourself on some of the ways you can save money. If you are a fleet manager, you know the importance of responsibly cutting costs where you can and saving on diesel fuel costs is one of the most effective ways to remain profitable.

Today, Triad Diagnostic Solutions will help you explore how regular maintenance can help you save on diesel fuel costs. We are believers in the importance of performing regular diagnostics for proper maintenance, but when you acknowledge how much money you can save on fuel costs in the process, the power of in-depth engine performance information only becomes that much more valuable!

How Does Regular Maintenance Impact Diesel Fuel Costs?

Put simply, a comprehensive vehicle maintenance strategy can help both fleet managers and drivers conserve fuel. When you’re able to properly conserve fuel, you save a lot of money. There are a few common maintenance practices that, if performed regularly, can greatly reduce your fuel consumption, especially during long hauls. Here are a few of the maintenance practices you should perform if saving on diesel fuel costs is a main concern.

Proper Tire Inflation

According to a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, ensuring that the vehicles in your fleet have properly inflated tires can improve fuel efficiency by an average of 0.6 percent up to a whopping 3 percent. Additionally, for every 1 psi below the recommended tire pressure, vehicles lose 0.2 percent in fuel efficiency.

Considering the fact that outside temperatures have a huge impact on the tire pressure in commercial vehicles, fleet managers should make it a priority to check the tire pressure of their vehicles regularly- especially when there are drastic changes in weather and temperature. Checking tire pressure should be a part of your regular maintenance plan for every vehicle in your fleet, and this can drastically save money on diesel fuel costs over time.

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Using the Recommended Motor Oil

Looking for another way to improve fuel efficiency? Using the manufacturer’s recommended grade of motor oil in an engine can improve fuel efficiency by between 1 and 2 percent. You should check a vehicle’s owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommended grade of motor oil. You can also select motor oil that consists of friction-reducing additives that improve fuel economy. Lastly, using synthetic oils in your commercial vehicles (where applicable) can improve fuel efficiency in light-duty vehicles as this greatly reduces friction in the engine.

Performing Regular Engine Tune-Ups

Not only do regular engine tune-ups keep your commercial vehicles running at their best, but they can also save you a lot of time and money. When tuning a neglected vehicle, you can increase fuel economy by an average of 4 percent. This does, however, depend on the repair type and quality. You should check your owner’s manual for specific recommendations from the manufacturer on when to get tune-ups. When you make regular engine tune-ups a part of your overall maintenance strategy, you can save on diesel fuel costs across your entire fleet.

Maintain the Oxygen Sensor

Finally, maintaining the oxygen sensors in your fleet’s vehicle is another way that regular maintenance can save on diesel fuel costs. Every vehicle manufactured since the 1980s are equipped with oxygen sensors. These sensors are responsible for analyzing the oxygen concentration in a vehicle’s exhaust gases. After that, they send the data to your engine’s computer in order to accurately calculate the amount of fuel that will be required for each combustion cycle.

Like any mechanical component, however, these devices break down over time and will need to be replaced. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, replacing or repairing the oxygen sensor can improve fuel efficiency by up to 40%. Your fleet’s maintenance department should set up notifications to identify and repair faulty oxygen sensors before the vehicle returns to the road to maximize fuel efficiency.

Maintenance Made Easy with Triad Diagnostic Solutions

Now that you understand the importance of performing regular maintenance in order to save on diesel fuel costs, it’s time to trust a reliable diagnostic solutions provider to help make the maintenance process easy and straightforward.

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