Proper diagnostic function is essential when you’re working out in the field. Jaltest is the most powerful tool on the market, providing dealer-level functionality for off-highway, agricultural, and even marine applications. Jaltest provides access to technical information, troubleshooting guides, parts information, production of full diagnostic bi-directional controls, and parameter resets all in one easy-to-use application.

Triad Diagnostic Solutions, the leading master distributor for Jaltest products in North America, takes it a step further by providing full diagnostic solutions, initial and ongoing training, and tier one technical support.

One of the most important aspects of working on off-highway and agricultural equipment, along with marine vessels, is ensuring technicians have the correct cables to connect to the diagnostic port. Unlike commercial vehicle applications, most off-highway and agricultural equipment manufacturers do not adhere to TMC RP1210 standards for diagnostic connectors. This results in dozens of proprietary connectors depending on brand of equipment, engine, or even transmission.

Jaltest offers all proprietary connectors for these brands including: Deutz, Bobcat, Kubota, Komatsu, Case, Volvo CE, Caterpillar, New Holland, Massey Ferguson, and many more. Every Jaltest off-highway, agricultural, or marine kit also includes a multi-pin set for any application that a technician may not have a connector for, ensuring that the tech can connect to the needed ECU if the proprietary connector is unavailable.

Triad works with all end user customers to review cable connector requirements for end user customers ensuring that the correct cables are available for the technicians to maintain and repair the fleet of equipment or vessels. This leads to more successful repairs, easier utilization for the technician, and higher adoption rates for the technology, increasing the ROI for the organization while promoting fleet UPTIME.

1. Proper Connections

Jaltest diagnostic solutions offers the proper cable connectors, enhancing your tech’s ability to conduct repairs correctly the first time. Having access to proprietary connectors ensures total equipment diagnostic routines, which better facilitate root cause analysis of faults and overall equipment health.

2. Reliable Diagnostics

Jaltest has developed applications with advantages and possibilities for effective diagnostics for both farm equipment and off-highway vehicles. In the AGV kit, you can expect a complete version of Jaltest’s best software that includes coverage for brands, systems, and technical information related to a wide range of equipment, engines, and transmissions For off-highway, Jaltest kits are designed to perform diagnostics in special construction vehicles such as cranes, dumpers, excavators, and more. This information not only keeps you active while working out in the field or on a jobsite, but it also helps your techs make faster, more accurate repairs. For marine vessels, Jaltest offers complete cable kits for inboard, outboard, diesel, and watercraft applications.

3. Multi-Brand Diagnostics

The diagnostic cable connector kit allows multi-brand shops quick and easy access to all of their diagnostics for different equipment and vessels. No matter how many different tractors you maintain, you can rest assured knowing you’ll have the right cable connectors and information necessary to complete repairs. Furthermore, Jaltest provides dealer-level functionality and access to brand-specific troubleshooting guides, engine diagrams, system wiring, and component information.

4. Direct Access to Specific Functions

The Jaltest software interface is straightforward and easy to navigate, which is just one of the benefits repair shops have when choosing this brand. Still, another key benefit is having direct access to specific functions. Based on the information pulled from the vehicle’s computer system, particular functions can be easily accessed from the Jaltest dashboard. When you use brand-specific cable connectors, you’re able to see this information for the all controllers on your equipment or vessel.

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