Technician efficiency is essential in today’s shops. Not only does the efficiency and productivity of your crew ensure profits and a successful business, but it also guarantees your fleet is well-maintained with little to no downtime.

Today’s mechanic field is increasingly competitive, and workshops are continually increasing their overhead and equipment expenses to keep up with car manufacturers and OEM software. Thankfully, Triad Diagnostic Solutions supplies Autel diagnostic tools that are compatible with hundreds of makers and can read hundreds of code errors. With this capability, you can ensure your techs remain efficient and on task. Still, if you’re looking to boost tech efficiency in your shop, here are some of our favorite tips.

Why Tech Efficiency Matters

Tech efficiency in your shop guarantees increased income and increased profits. Whether you’re a full-service mechanic shop or work on your own fleet, increasing your profits is essential to staying in business. Today, Autel tools ensure that shop owners and fleet managers can improve their businesses bottom line with efficient tools and training for all techs onsite. If you’re a shop that watches your profit per hour indicators, then you’ll want to learn more about these ways to boost tech efficiency.

Five Tips to Increase Tech Efficiency

1. Establish Baseline Performance Metrics

If you’re just getting started in understanding your shop’s productivity and efficiency, then you’ll need to establish a baseline of all your tech’s work. Your capacity isn’t necessarily the number of hours your techs work per week, but rather the number of hours they’re available to work on your fleet or repair customer automotive (aka adjusted capacity). Once you have this baseline, you’ll be able to set goals for production.

2. Set Production Goals

When you set goals for your tech’s efficiency, you’ll want to set short-term as well as long-term goals. Your short-term goal could be to focus on boosting tech efficiency and adjusted capacity for each tech, all the while working towards a team goal. Employees who work together to meet a common business objective are more likely to be present and pay attention. This effort not only keeps them productive, but it also ensures you’re not losing money on time wasted in the shop.

3. Invest in High-Quality Diagnostic Tools

One of the best ways to boost your shop’s tech efficiency is to invest in the right diagnostic tools. Heavy-duty, high-quality software and hardware is essential for any shop, and it ensures that you can keep all of your fleet maintenance in one place. Autel tools are the best option and come with a plethora of benefits when you invest. Unlike other diagnostic tools or OEM software, Autel makes it easy to get manufacturer updates without purchasing new hardware, thus increasing your ROI.

4. Be Conscious of Obstacles to Productivity

To keep your shop productive, you’ll want to identify obstacles that your techs face daily. These things could be anything from answering the office phone to ordering parts. If you can, hire or create positions for these jobs in your shop so that your techs can stay focused and productive working on your repairs. New shop software systems might also give your techs the ability to communicate with customers or drivers via text, obtain VIN information quickly, and streamline the check-out process.

5. Keep the Shop Clean

Keeping your shop clean is one of the easiest ways to boosts efficiency. If you have a commercial building, a clean shop also fosters customer trust in your process. If you repair your fleet in-house, then keeping a clean shop ensures your teams can find all the tools and information they need to work efficiently. If you’re still working with paper files, consider automating things and upgrading your systems so that everything is digital. Invest in high-quality benches and storage so that every wrench, filter, plug, or lug nut has a place.

Triad Keeps Your Techs Efficient

Boosting tech efficiency in your shop doesn’t have to be complicated. With Triad Diagnostic Solutions, you get everything you need in reliable diagnostic tools. We carry a variety of Autel tools and total packages for any shop. Whether you work on heavy-duty commercial fleets or automotive, Triad has you covered. Check out our entire list of tools online or contact us at (317) 939-3690.