Maintaining Commercial Vehicles and Equipment in Today’s Challenging Environment.


COVID-19 has turned the entire world upside down. Millions are out of work. Thousands of businesses have temporarily or permanently closed their doors. All of this is due to travel restrictions, social distancing measures, and suspension of business and jobs deemed non-essential. In the meantime, the demands on the transportation, utility, construction, and farming industries have never been more important.


Ensuring that goods and services are available to the American people is not only essential but offers the security we need. The success of these efforts cannot be hindered by inoperable vehicles and equipment necessary to perform the job. From health care supplies being delivered to hospitals, to utilities being readily available in our homes, to the ability to transport food from the farm to our table; uptime is more important than ever.


Capacity is shrinking at the OEM dealership level as cutbacks and social distancing measures are being implemented. Fewer remote technicians are available for service calls. All while many responsibilities of maintaining and repairing vehicles and equipment fall outside the respective areas of responsibility for OEM dealers. Unfortunately, the importance of keeping everything running for maintenance managers does not diminish accordingly. Complications of following social distancing guidelines set by both state orders and company policies further exacerbate the requirements to maintain vehicles and equipment.


Fleets that maintain multiple brands of commercial trucks, yellow iron, and farm equipment have it hardest of all. They either must rely on the respective OEM dealers while realizing the related extended downtimes or find a replacement vehicle as soon as possible. Neither is an easy nor workable long-term solution.


Diagnostic equipment has been the number one essential tool for technicians for quite some time. Having an all-makes tool that provides dealer-level functionality for all types of vehicles and equipment empowers your technicians to successfully manage these adverse dynamics.




Jaltest Diagnostic Software provides the needed coverages for hundreds of vehicle, construction, and farm equipment types with dealer-level bi-directional testing capabilities, parameter resets, troubleshooting and repair information, and technical data – all within one easy-to-use application. Technicians from major fleets, utility and construction companies, aftermarket repair facilities, and many OEM dealers utilize Jaltest for their all makes repair requirements.


Triad understands these challenges and can provide the essential tools, training, and support to ensure the highest uptime possible. Empower your service department to realize successful THROUGHPUT of repaired and properly maintained vehicles and equipment.


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