The automotive industry has come a long way from the days of carburetors and mechanical brakes. Now, vehicles are equipped with a myriad of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) – from lane departure warning systems to adaptive cruise control. As sophisticated as these systems are, they require regular calibrations and adjustments to function optimally. This is especially true following collision repair. A report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS)highlights a significant concern for vehicle owners: the persistent need for ADAS repairs when they rely on shops unequipped with the appropriate diagnostic tools.

As a Master Distributor of Autel ADAS calibration tools, Triad Diagnostic Solutions found this report rather intriguing. Especially interesting was the fact that many of the vehicle owners surveyed for the study and who had repeat service stated that the issues were mostly in relation to front crash prevention, blind spot detection, or rearview or other visibility-enhancing cameras – All of which the right ADAS tool could calibrate.

The Importance of Accurate ADAS Calibrations

Before delving into the findings of the IIHS report, it’s crucial to understand the significance of ADAS calibrations. These systems, though impressive, are highly sensitive. A simple task such as replacing a windshield or fixing a minor fender bender can necessitate a recalibration of the ADAS sensors. Without precise calibration, the road safety features might not function correctly, endangering both the driver and other road users.

Moreover, incorrect calibrations don’t just pose safety risks. For automotive repair shops, incorrectly calibrated ADAS systems can lead to return visits from unsatisfied customers, subsequently affecting the shop’s revenue and reputation.

The IIHS Findings

The IIHS report underscores that vehicle owners continually face challenges when their repair shops lack the necessary hardware and software for ADAS recalibrations. Essentially, when a shop is not adequately equipped, the vehicle’s system may not be restored to the manufacturer’s specifications, leading to malfunctions and diminished performance.

To find out just how many drivers add post-repair issues, IIHS asked almost 500 drivers how their latest interactions with repairs related to their front crash prevention systems, blind spot detection, and other driver-assistance cameras went. A significant number of these participants reported having multiple features repaired, either independently or during the same maintenance procedure. Interestingly, about 40 percent of these vehicles were from the 2019 model year or more recent.

The reasons prompting these repairs varied widely. A predominant number of owners acknowledged receiving a vehicle recall or service bulletin concerning their ADAS features. However, this wasn’t often the lone factor driving them to seek repairs or service. Multiple other factors played a part, such as the need for windshield replacement, damages from collisions, suggestions from dealerships or repair centers, and alerts or error notifications from the vehicle’s system.

The study underscored a notable observation: Issues post-repair were significantly higher for individuals who sought repairs following a collision or alongside a windshield replacement. Approximately two-thirds of the participants who had their ADAS features mended due to windshield replacements, and nearly 75% of those necessitating repairs after a crash reported subsequent challenges with the technology. On the other hand, less than half of those seeking repairs for alternative reasons experienced post-repair difficulties.

Are ADAS Features Even Worth It to Drivers?

In today’s automotive landscape, ADAS features are becoming more common, with many vehicle manufacturers offering them as standard or optional features. But are they really worth it to drivers? IIHS seems to think so, and so do the majority of the people they surveyed.

Convenience and Comfort

Apart from safety, ADAS offers enhanced driving convenience. For instance:

  • Parking Assistance: Features like rear-view cameras and 360-degree camera systems make parking in tight spots a breeze, something drivers find extremely beneficial.
  • Traffic Sign Recognition: Some ADAS systems can read traffic signs and display them on the driver’s dashboard, ensuring they never miss a speed limit or other critical signs. This further protects them on busy highways and roadways.
  • Resale Value: Cars equipped with ADAS tend to have a higher resale value. As more buyers prioritize safety and modern tech, vehicles boasting these features are more appealing in the used car market.

The Cost Perspective

While there’s an undeniable upfront cost associated with ADAS-equipped vehicles, today’s drivers tend to also consider potential savings. Fewer accidents mean fewer repair bills and potentially lower insurance premiums. Some insurance companies even offer discounts for vehicles fitted with certain ADAS features. Additionally, the IIHS has found that insurance claims are lower for vehicles equipped with ADAS features when compared to vehicles not equipped.

Autel ADAS Tools: The Solution to Precision Calibrations

So, how can your shop be prepared to keep up with advances in ADAS technology and consumer demons? Autel’s line of ADAS diagnostic tools and kits – the industry gold standard. Autel provides a comprehensive solution that ensures precise calibrations in line with manufacturing specs

There are multiple reasons why Autel should be the go-to choice for automotive shops, including:

  • Wide Coverage: Autel’s tools are designed to cater to a vast array of vehicles, ensuring that no matter the make or model, accurate calibrations can be achieved.
  • Consistent Accuracy: Autel’s diagnostic tools undergo rigorous testing to guarantee consistent results, ensuring that every calibration is up to the mark.
  • User-friendly Interface: With intuitive designs and user-friendly interfaces, technicians find it easier to navigate and use Autel’s tools, leading to faster and more efficient repairs.

Secure Your Shop’s Reputation with Triad

It’s evident that for a shop to remain competitive and retain its reputation, investing in the right diagnostic tools is non-negotiable. By sourcing Autel’s ADAS tools from Triad Diagnostic Solution, shops can confidently offer impeccable service while ensuring the safety of their customers. Don’t let your shop become part of the statistics mentioned in the IIHS report; ensure precision, safety, and customer satisfaction with Autel.

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