Performing regular maintenance on your fleet can help reduce your risk of unplanned repairs and breakdowns. However, accidents and engine failures do happen, often leaving fleet operators without transportation that their customers rely on. In addition, unplanned downtime can significantly impact your daily operations.

With the right diagnostic tools from Triad Diagnostic Solutions in your arsenal, you should be able to avoid this unwanted obstacle. Yet, even when using the right tools for your fleet, improper usage can have serious consequences. So, let’s take a look at why performing in-house diagnostics can help save you money and how you can avoid improper diagnostics that will cost you money.

Why Diagnostics Matter

Over 55% of all repairs on commercial vehicles require diagnostic tools, If you don’t have the capabilities to repair or maintain your trucks, vans, and delivery vehicles in-house, then outsourcing this portion of your business is the only answer. With diagnostic tools such as the MaxiSYS 908CV you never have to worry about repair shop downtime.

With the MaxiSYS 908CV fleet operators can be alerted to a vehicle’s fault codes and have full functionality with full OEM descriptions of DTCs, thousands of bi-directional testing capabilities, parameter resets like idle time and set speeds, and live data viewing. on how to make the necessary repair. Additionally, keeping maintenance data in-house allows operators to stay vigilant about routine maintenance and fixes such as oil changes, tire rotations, and more.

Keeping commercial vehicles running is crucial to any fleet; repairing and maintaining them without sending them offsite is a significant benefit to an investment in code readers and scanners.

Avoiding Improper Diagnostics

Your fleet is the cornerstone of your business, and maintenance and repairs become a priority. Yet, making a mistake is always at the forefront of your mind.

“Access to information is critical. Often a failure code is initiated on a component, and while that component may have suffered a failure, the root cause may have come from another area. Having access to crucial information and having a tool with full diagnostic capabilities allows the tech to have a full view of the truck, thus giving the tech the ability to diagnose and repair the actual failure as opposed to what may be simply the symptom.

Without the right tools within reach, technicians cannot read prior fault codes that led to the problem they’re trying to fix. Additionally, lack of education can also complicate matters and lead to improper diagnostics. When a technician doesn’t have the right training, this means more repair time for your shop. When they don’t know how to use the diagnostic tools available to them, this further increases that training time. However, putting in the time upfront certainly will help your shop avoid lengthy repairs or trouble down the road.

So, the bottom line is that if fleet operators and service technicians are looking to avoid improper diagnostics, it starts with the reliance on the right software and hardware and includes proper training and education. Thankfully, Autel ensures your technicians are never without, providing a 24/7 support line and free training videos.

Autel Helps You Avoid Improper Diagnostics

Autel diagnostic scan tools from Triad Diagnostic Solutions provide your technicians with all the information and dealer-level data that you need to complete repairs. Downtime on an operating vehicle can cost you money, which is why Autel’s software provides full diagnostic capabilities and even in-house shortcuts for common maintenance tasks. Fully customizable to what your shop needs, these tools are an essential extension of your techs’ capabilities in the garage. So, find everything you need on our website or give us a call at (317) 939-3690.

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