Technician Solutions

Technician shortage, lack of training, and incorrect repairs causing you issues? Comebacks and exceeding SRT times causing customer and technician dissatisfaction? Technician hourly rate costs sky high due to inaccurate root cause analysis, lack of diagnostic applications, or incomplete repairs?

Fix the Vehicle Right the First Time

  • Training for Jaltest Diagnostic Equipment
  • Technician repair hotline
  • Ongoing training and support

Cutting-edge training and technician repair hotline services. No more limitations on your shop’s access to diagnostic fault code information, testing capabilities, parameter resets, circuit diagrams, technical specification, troubleshooting, repair information, calibrations, or reset and release information.

Let Triad Diagnostic Solution’s Technician Solutions be the support hotline for your investment in the Jaltest Diagnostic Software during the repair process to ensure an efficient and complete repair.

Call Triad Diagnostic Solutions today at (317) 939-3690 for more details.