The Complexity and Expense of Commercial Vehicle Diagnostic Tools

Today, a successful truck shop depends on the utilization of the right diagnostic solution.

With the expense, limitations and complexity of multiple OEM software applications combined with the confusion of choosing the correct aftermarket tools, it is not uncommon for shops to make expensive investments in various diagnostic “solutions” that are underutilized and not returning their respective value from an ROI perspective.

The fallout of this dynamic is inefficient shops, frustrated technicians and disappointed internal or external customers.

With a senior management team that has over 60 years of commercial vehicle diagnostic experience, Triad Diagnostic Solutions has the answer. Triad is the premier provider of the #1 diagnostic tool specifically designed for the North American market today – JALTEST.

Jaltest is the answer for everything from total vehicle diagnostic routines, to integrated troubleshooting and repair information circuit diagrams. Not only does this diagnostic solution accurately identify the root cause of complaint while presenting total vehicle health status, but it also gives the needed bi-directional testing, parameter resets, needed calibrations, and trim codes for newly installed parts. Jaltest can accurately diagnose and repair ~97% of all diagnostic-related issues that come into your shop today.

Triad Diagnostic Solutions is dedicated to supporting Jaltest and only Jaltest as it is the BEST DIAGNOSTIC SOLUTION ON THE MARKET TODAY.

Triad Diagnostic Solutions also offers the Single Source Solution with Jaltest training, ongoing support, technician repair support services, new Panasonic laptops with extended warranties and a Hot Swap program for inoperable Jaltest diagnostic platforms in need of repair.

Call Triad Diagnostic Solutions today at (317) 939-3690 for more details.