You take buying tools for your mechanics’ shop seriously. You don’t trust just anyone to sell the tools you require to get the job done. That’s why you choose to deal with only authorized distributors – and rightfully so! Building a trusted relationship with an authorized distributor of Autel has many benefits. This means you’re getting your tools from a reliable and knowledgeable source.

That’s why you should choose Triad Diagnostic Solutions! As an authorized Autel master distributor, we perform regular product training that results in our experts having the ability to understand and guide you through your tooling requirements and towards the correct Autel solutions to fit your direct needs. Here is why it’s important to work with an authorized distributor and not a third-party, unlicensed seller.


When you buy from Triad, you’re not only getting access to the knowledge we have as your trusted seller, but you’ll also have access to all the knowledge of Autel as a worldwide organization. This means access to tech support, training videos, and experts who can guide you to the right Autel automotive and heavy-duty scan tools, ADAS equipment, key reprogrammers and immobilizers, battery testers, TPMS tools, and more. Whether you’re looking at the MaxiSYS ULTRA, the MS908CV, ADAS equipment, or a new borescope for your techs, we’ve got you covered when it comes to product knowledge and expertise.

Complete Registration

When you buy Autel tools through an authorized distributor, you can rest assured knowing that your tools have been registered for sale within Autel’s North American headquarters in Long Island, New York. Not only does this guarantee you quick and easy access to countless updates, but it also ensures that our information techs can continue to serve the needs of your shop techs. This also continues to qualify you for the Autel Total Care Lifetime Limited Warranty Program. If you purchase diagnostic tools through an unauthorized reseller, chances are that tool is registered for use in foreign markets and is ineligible for updates, tech support, or warranty coverage in North America. You take a chance on paying a lot of money for a tool you can’t use past a few releases of new updates without getting support from overseas, or worse having to ship your tool overseas for warranty service or replacement.

Not only will this slow the productivity of your shop, but the related downtime of not having your tool functional or having to incur the expense and time of shipping overseas is also troublesome.

Guaranteed High Quality

If you try to save some money by going with an outside reseller, you could actually be costing yourself more money in the long run. Buying from an unauthorized dealer puts you at risk of buying a tool that is not appropriate for your needs. This can result in purchasing a tool that lacks crucial coverage or functionality, technical issues, added expense, and frustration.

Make Your Purchase from Triad Diagnostic Solutions

Triad Diagnostic Solutions is an authorized master distributor of all things Autel. This means you’ll find brand new diagnostic scan tools and software renewal cards for all of your Autel tools. Whether you’re working on automotive or heavy-duty engines and truck, automotive, ADAS, batteries, TPMS, or need various shop tools like oscilloscopes, Triad has you covered.

Photo by Henry & Co. from Pexels