If you’re a diesel technician or fleet manager, you know that keeping commercial vehicles on the road can be a challenging task. Whether you’re dealing with complicated diagnostics, searching for repair information, or trying to keep up with the latest software updates, it can be tough to stay on top of everything.

If you’re tired of using outdated software or dealing with OEMs who don’t always have the answers you need, it’s time to check out the latest update from Jaltest. The new Jaltest 22.3 ISOBUS Control software update is packed with features that will make your job easier and help you get commercial vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible.

With expanded coverage for new vehicle makes and models, advanced diagnostic and repair information, and user-friendly enhancements, Jaltest 22.3 is the essential tool you need to streamline your repair process and keep your fleet running smoothly.

New Jaltest 22.3 ISOBUS Control Features

One of the biggest new features in Jaltest 22.3 is the addition of new vehicle makes and models to the software’s coverage. The new update expands the software’s coverage to include more than 100 new vehicle makes and models, including heavy-duty trucks, buses, and trailers. This means that you will be able to diagnose and repair a wider range of commercial vehicles than ever before – Which is great for growing business.

Another important new feature in Jaltest 22.3 is the addition of advanced diagnostic and repair information. The new update includes detailed wiring diagrams, component location images, and repair procedures for commercial vehicles. This information is presented in a clear and easy-to-use format, making it easy for technicians to find the information they need to diagnose and repair vehicles quickly.

The Jaltest 22.3 update also brings some improvements to the software’s existing features, such as a new and improved navigation menu, enhanced search functionality, and improved graphics. These improvements make it even easier for technicians to access the information they need and complete repairs more efficiently.

One other improvement is the integration of the new Jaltest Mobile app, which provides technicians with the ability to perform a diagnostic and repair on the vehicle right on the spot or even program and configure vehicle parameters. In addition, new offline capabilities allow your techs to access the information they need even when they are in remote areas with no internet connection.

Update to the Jaltest 22.3 Software

In conclusion, Jaltest 22.3 is a significant software update that offers a wide range of new features and improvements. The new vehicle coverage, advanced diagnostic and repair information, and user interface enhancements all make it an essential tool for technicians working on commercial vehicles. With these new features, technicians will be able to diagnose and repair vehicles more quickly and efficiently than ever before. So if you’re a Jaltest user, make sure to update your software to version 22.3 as soon as possible.

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