If you own an automotive shop or garage, you know how important it is to weigh all of your options when considering new technology for your business. Not only will you find yourself having to decide whether or not this new technology is a good investment, but you will also have to think about how it will impact your shop’s bottom line. If you are considering an addition to your business’s skillset, you may want to think about ADAS calibration equipment.

Today, Triad Diagnostic Solutions will be explaining what ADAS calibration equipment is and how it can positively impact your business. With fewer than 25 percent of vehicles equipped with ADAS capable of dynamic or “in-car” diagnostics, 75 percent of ADAS systems installed require static or “ in-house” diagnostics scan kits, such as the IA800 Intelligent ADAS Frame Package. For this reason, shops that can offer ADAS calibration are valuable. So should you consider adding ADAS calibration equipment in order to grow your business? Let’s find out.

What is ADAS?

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is a term used to describe various systems that offer features that improve vehicle and road safety. ADAS are present in many vehicles today, which use the information gained from various sources (such as cameras and sensors) to detect and analyze what is happening around the vehicle.

While the information analyzed by ADAS components is sometimes used purely to assist the driver, it is also sometimes used to alert drivers to outside dangers. In some cases, the system can even take control of the vehicle to prevent accidents or dangerous lane changes.

Why Does ADAS Need to Be Calibrated?

In order to understand how ADAS calibration equipment can help you grow your business, you need to know why ADAS-equipped vehicles need to be calibrated in the first place. Because these safety features rely on cameras, sensors, and radar technology, anything that impacts their accuracy can be dangerous in terms of system performance. For this reason, recalibrating ADAS components after any bodywork, regular service, alignment, and adjusting the height or pitch of the vehicle or accident is essential. Any of these events can disrupt the proper positioning of a camera or sensor. When these disruptions are left unchecked, they can hinder the performance of the vehicle and lead to greater chances of dangerous situations.

What Does ADAS Calibration Equipment Mean For Independent Garages, Collison Shops, or Auto Glass Replacement companies?

To take advantage of the growing need for ADAS calibration equipment, independent business owners will find themselves needing to make investments. Not only will shop owners have to purchase the calibration equipment itself, but they will also have to buy hardware and put time into technical training. While these may seem like hefty investments, it isn’t as large of a price to pay as it may seem.

Due to the large demand for ADAS calibration equipment in independent garages, there is a rapid return on investment. With the right equipment internally, shops can serve more customers and charge premium prices. As more and more of today’s vehicles are outfitted with ADAS systems, it only makes sense that there would be a higher demand for garages that can provide this type of service.

Why You Should Add ADAS Calibration Equipment to Your Garage

There is no time like the present to add ADAS calibration capabilities to your shop or garage. By embracing the technology, you can rest assured that each and every vehicle that leaves your garage will perform at its best, keeping drivers and passengers safe. When ADAS features are working efficiently, they save lives. However, to continue to benefit from these systems, they need to be properly maintained. That’s where your business comes in.

If you own a repair shop or garage that currently lacks the expertise for ADAS calibrating services, there are several ways that you can improve in order to offer this service:

  • Training on ADAS calibration equipment is a crucial factor in making the right decision on what system to invest your hard-earned money. Triad offers free training by a certified Autel ADAS trainer with every system sold. This includes a full day of in-person training at the customer’s shop.
  • Create a process for handling ADAS-related repairs within your shop with a pre-check, and post-check documentation on the diagnostic condition of the vehicle and a statement that all ADAS technology has successfully been calibrated to OEM specifications.
  • Foster a relationship with an organization or entity that can help you throughout the ADAS implementation process.

ADAS Calibration Tools From Triad Diagnostic Solutions

Now that you have a better understanding of what ADAS calibration equipment is and how it can help you grow your business, you’re likely ready to learn more about ADAS diagnostic and calibration tools. Here at Triad Diagnostic Solutions, we offer ADAS tool packages and accessories that offer both static and diagnostic calibrations, calibration reports, and diagnostics all in one.

Additionally, when you work with Triad, you receive a variety of benefits, including free shipping, technician training and support, lifetime warranties, and a 30-day guarantee. If you want to see our ADAS calibration tools in action, request a free demo today! Or contact us for more information.

Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash