Outperforming your competition doesn’t just mean more business and quicker turnaround times. It also means having the right Autel diagnostic tools in your shop to do so. As an Authorized Master Distributor of Autel, Triad Diagnostic Solutions knows how essential it is that you can operate your scan tools and perform multi-level functions all at the same time. If this sounds like you, then we know you’re going to love the MaxiSYS MS919 or MaxiSYS ULTRA with the new VCMI J2534 vehicle communication interface.

The beauty of the MaxiSYS 919 with VCMI is that it allows you to do two things at once. With multiple ports, the VCMI allows you to use either the MaxiSYS 919 or MaxiSYS ULTRA and your add video borescope to the tool for simultaneous simultaneously diagnostic, electrical waveform generation and visual inspections. Here are some of the additional capabilities you can expect.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Autel scan tools have the ability to connect to dual Wi-Fi allowing simultaneous connection to the internet and the vehicle. With this type of connectivity, you save yourself the hassle of an additional cord and hookup when trying to access the information on your scan tool or from the vehicle. The new VCMI can easily connect to your MaxiSYS 919 or MS ULTRA tablet via dual Wi-Fi, giving you a fast and secure way to diagnose the vehicle and stay connected to the internet.

Six Enhancements in One Device

The new VCMI is like a 5-in-1 device that gives you the following built-in enhanced capabilities:

    • Waveform Generation
    • CAN BUS topology and testing
    • 4- Channel Oscilloscope
    • Multimeter
    • Newest Protocols including FD CAN on Chrysler and Nissan
    • Faster electronics for diagnostic and J2534 ECU reflash functions

Secure Gateways

When accessing a vehicle’s computer network, security has become more and more important for the OEMs when designing the newest vehicle network security protocols. Secure gateway controller access is becoming more prevalent as a design feature on new vehicles. Both Chrysler and Nissan have been early adopters with new FD CAN diagnostic protocols to achieve these desired secure networks. Because of these risks, automotive manufacturers have put in place secure gateways that ensure a secure connection to the vehicles network. Often, mechanics without the proper access or tools bypass these gateways but take up more shop time in the process. By subscribing to https://webapp.autoauth.com/ the MS919 or MS ULTRA VCMI, you get:

    • Registered as an authorized diagnostic tool to access these secure gateways
    • Confirmation of compatible diagnostic platforms
    • Approved credentials stored in the MaxiSYS software
    • Authorized secure gateway access
    • Management of registered account use

Intelligent Diagnostics

With the Autel MS919 and MS ULTRA, you get intelligent diagnostics that provide repair-guided assistance. This means your techs don’t have to guess and test every repair to ensure its completion. Instead, within the MaxiSYS system you’ll find:

    • Technical service bulletin search listing
    • DTC analysis
    • Repair assistance
    • Repair tips
    • Relevant cases and library access
    • VCMI guided test plans

Make the MS919 VCMI a Key Tool in Your Shop Today!

When you’re looking to accomplish more than just diagnostics, you turn to Triad Diagnostic Solutions. We carry all the Autel diagnostic tools that make your job easier, including the MS919 and MS ULTRA with VCMI. With this advanced diagnostic scan tool, your shop can quickly and efficiently diagnose and repair your customer’s vehicles accurately and increase throughput resulting in enhanced revenues and more satisfied customers. Contact us today for more information!