The battery of any car or truck plays a vital role in the operation and mechanics of the vehicle and reliance on the vehicle’s Battery Management System. This system is designed to monitor the battery’s health, the State of Charge (SoC), its voltage, and the Cold Cranking Capacity (CCC). The BMS also works to prevent an overcharge or discharge of the vehicle’s battery and is constantly communicating with the rest of the vehicle to ensure the proper voltage is maintained.

Because this system is so complex, your automotive repair shop needs reliable diagnostic scan tools to read a battery and diagnose the problem quickly. Because of all the electrical components of today’s vehicles, Triad Diagnostic Solutions knows just how difficult it can be to service these new cars and trucks. That is why you turn to us for tools like the MaxiBAS BT608: a dedicated battery tool.

Why Choose the BT608?

The BT608 offers each of your technicians the capabilities to service a vehicle’s starting and charging system. This system includes the SoC and State of Health (SoH) systems. With a quality and dedicated battery tool like the BT608, you can access any battery, even the vehicle-specific ones, find replacement instructions within Autel’s programs, and register the new battery. Your techs can also gain access to the starter and alternator testing and the amp clamp through the electrical system diagnostics.

Key Features

The BT608 comes packed full of special features that make the job of your techs that much easier, which then improves the vehicle turnover rate in your shop. First and foremost, gauging the health of a vehicle’s battery is crucial. This dedicated battery tool utilizes adaptive conductance, which sends a low-frequency current through the battery to determine the remaining plate area. As a battery ages, so do the plate, capacity, and conductance capabilities of the unit.

Another key feature that many shops appreciate about the BT608 is that their mechanics can run multiple diagnostic tests without draining the remaining battery power. This means you can test even the lowest of batteries without depleting the charge.

Lastly, the top feature that most shops find helpful when conversing with customers is the built-in thermal printer that can demonstrate to the customer that a new battery is necessary for the functionality of their vehicle. Not only does this diagnostic scan tool help seal the deal for the client, but it also helps your teams quickly remove, replace, and register a new battery. This quick turnaround repair means you’re left with happy customers and safe, reliable vehicles on the road.

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When your shop needs a dedicated battery tool, or any reliable Autel diagnostic tool, call Triad Diagnostic Solutions today! We know a thing or two about automotive and heavy-duty repairs, which means we can help guide you through just about anything. We can also give you access to Autel training videos that provide more in-depth details about the tools you’re purchasing. Order the BT608 dedicated battery tool online or call us at (317) 939-3690.