Are you tired of the downtime your fleet experiences when a truck goes in for service? Is the expense of subletting the repair to dealerships wondering if there was a better alternative to your maintenance issues? Thankfully, you’ve got Autel diagnostic scan tools from Triad Diagnostic Solutions on your side. Not only do we believe in your right to repair, but we also know that keeping this aspect of your business in-house can save you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your fleet. Let’s look at some key benefits you can expect when you invest in a full diagnostics kit.

1. Track Repair Trends

Many duty cycles require multiple intermittent stops or vehicles to idle for long periods, which ultimately leads to soot build-up in the diesel particulate filter (DPF) and can cause the same in the engine with associated turbo or emission gas recirculation valve issues. High soot levels lead to potential derates, breakdowns, and tows. If your fleet does not have the proper diagnostic scan tool, you’ll have to call the dealership or roadside assistance, which can be expensive and cause downtime and expensive tow bills. But, when you invest in an Autel Commercial Vehicle tool (MaxiSYS MS906CV, MS908CV, MS909CV), your techs are empowered to initiate a manual regeneration of the DPF system for all class 2 through 8 diesel applications. The MS908CV and MS909CV are also full diagnostic tools with dealer-level bi-directional tests, parameter resets, live data, and much more.

2. Increase in Uptime

Another ROI benefit of Autel tools is the uptime of in-house technicians and drivers’ experience. These tools provide thorough and accurate diagnostics at the dealer level. When you’re able to perform even the smallest repair properly in a short period of time, vehicles are healthier and perform better out on the road. You’ll notice a drastic reduction in emergency repairs, repair time, and breakdowns while your drivers are operating their daily routes.

3. Technician Training

Learning how to operate any Autel Commercial Vehicle diagnostic tool is very easy and intuitive. Triad has had many customers state that the Autel line of diagnostic scan tools is the easiest and fastest to learn on the market. In addition, Autel stands out from the rest as their technician training videos are all online and are usually two to five minutes in length. These training videos are also free for all your technicians, making them even more valuable. Additionally, Triad provides remote training sessions at your request so you can grasp the full potential of what these scan tools can do. Finally, if your techs still need assistance, the Triad team is available for you with repair guidance to help your shop make the right repair.

4. Coverages

Autel’s diagnostic scan tools cover 82 brands of class 2 through 8 medium to heavy-duty trucks. They even include thousands of bi-directional tests and parameter resets, which means you get the full functionality of OEM software such as Ford IDS Rotunda, Hino Explorer, Isuzu IDSS, Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link, Cummins Insite, Allison DOC, and much more, all in one easy to use, low-cost tool. If you’ve been maintaining your fleet for some time, you know that OEM tools are expensive and require you to purchase and maintain multiple brands of OEM software.

Just having the software necessary to support class 8 trucks can cost $72,000 over a four-year period. All of that plus medium-duty truck coverage can be covered by Autel’s lineup of commercial vehicle diagnostic tools. With the PLC adapter, Autel also can cover trailer diagnostics. That’s why investment in these tools is a great solution for mixed fleets. No other aftermarket diagnostic kit can say that. Not to mention, Autel is constantly providing software updates, and you can easily purchase your yearly lifetime* (under the Total Care Program from Autel) warranty and updates with new capabilities without ever having to purchase new hardware.

5. Sleek & Modern Design

Autel makes sure to keep its hardware sleek and modern in easy-to-use Android tablets that have recently been upgraded with faster processing speeds and more memory. While you might not think of this as a key benefit for your shop, we’d like you to reconsider. Utilizing Bluetooth capabilities, Autel allows your techs to take perform diagnostic routines and repairs while working under the hood, under the chassis, or from the comfort of the office. Just this simple fact means your shop can get jobs done quickly with fewer disruptions or distractions.

Enjoy More With Autel

Managing and maintaining a fleet doesn’t have to cost your company time and money. So if you’re looking to take control of your repairs and want to invest in the right equipment, Autel tools from Triad Diagnostic Solutions are your answer. We have everything you need to manage heavy-duty trucks and automobiles and even calibrate ADAS on any vehicle. So, check out all our Autel tools online or give us a call today at (317) 939-3690.