These days, fewer people choose to diagnose and repair issues with their vehicles at home. This is a wise decision as the systems found in today’s vehicles have become increasingly complex, requiring a well-trained and experienced technician to properly handle the issue. While there are a variety of straightforward issues that most people can diagnose and repair themselves with only basic knowledge, some repairs should only be left to knowledgeable professionals.

Today, Triad Diagnostic Solutions will be walking you through four of the most difficult repairs to diagnose and fix based on the testimony of experienced automotive technicians. These specific issues, while common, require a keen eye, attention to detail, and advanced knowledge of automotive systems. Most of them also require the proper diagnostic scan tool, like the MaxiSYS MS909, MS919 or MSULTRA, for assistance. If you encounter any of these more complex problems, be sure to seek out a qualified technician. You’ll be glad that you did.

1. Transmission Repairs

Due to the fact that transmission repairs are notoriously expensive, many technicians find their customers reluctant to address these issues in their vehicles until the problem has reached the crisis stage. One of the easiest ways to determine whether a vehicle is suffering from an issue with the transmission is by identifying whether or not transmission fluid is leaking from the vehicle or is experiencing difficulty in shifting gears. In the case of a transmission problem, gear slippage, a dragging clutch, and overheating fluid all require the immediate attention of an experienced mechanic.

2. Clutch Repairs

It’s no secret that a vehicle’s clutch needs frequent replacement, depending on the customer’s handling of the vehicle. Clutch repairs are often needed due to basic wear and tear over time.

Another less common cause of clutch problems is improper fitting which results in oil seepage. Since repairing the clutch requires the removal of the vehicle’s transmission, this is considered to be one of the most complicated automotive repairs. Therefore, it’s best you leave this to the professionals.

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3. Engine Replacement

Greatly considered to be the most difficult automotive repair, replacing an engine is incredibly expensive. In fact, this repair is so expensive that it is often more appropriate to purchase a new vehicle rather than pay for an engine replacement. Additionally, the process of replacing an engine isn’t as straightforward as simply dropping in a new engine. Depending on the amount of mileage that your previous engine encountered, some of the engine’s connecting parts may also have to be replaced- such as the transmission. This makes engine replacement a double whammy of an automotive repair.

4. Intermittent Electrical Issues With a Vehicle

Finally, many of the most experienced mechanics consider intermittent electrical issues to be among the most difficult to properly diagnose. In order to properly diagnose an issue, a mechanic has to have a full understanding of the conditions in which the problem occurred. While the right diagnostic tools can assist, basic knowledge and experience can tell a mechanic precisely what’s wrong with a vehicle. Oftentimes, multimeters and oscilloscopes, along with comprehensive circuit diagrams, are needed to properly identify and repair electrical issues on any vehicle or equipment.

Still, there are times when a customer is unable to explain these issues, and this leaves the mechanic with the responsibility to recreate the right issues for the problem to occur once again. This process can sometimes take days or even weeks, making this one of the most complicated and time-consuming automotive repairs.

Running Diagnostics and Completing Repairs with Reliable Diagnostic Tools From Autel!

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Diagnosing automotive repairs can be complicated, but tools like those from Autel make the entire process easier. Check out our inventory of heavy-duty diagnostic scan tools, tire pressure monitoring systems, and battery and electrical testers, and ADAS calibration equipment to complete your arsenal of technology in the shop.

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