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Triad Diagnostic Solutions, offers cutting edge Autel ADAS Calibration tools that helps you save time spent on multi-sensor calibrations

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With More Than 93 Million Cars Need Calibration After SIMPLE Fixes; It’s Too Big A Market For Your Business To Ignore…

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Don’t just keep up with the industry; define it. Triad Diagnostic Solutions brings you state-of-the-art ADAS calibration tools by Autel and Jaltest. Get your workshop to the pinnacle of success by harnessing the unmatched precision and safety of Autel diagnostic equipment and ADAS calibration tools. These cutting-edge technologies are your ticket to boosting business potential and soaring to unprecedented heights in industry reputation.


It’s hard to keep up with ADAS Calibration Tools and Technology.

You know that in order to stay competitive, you need to have the best ADAS calibration system on the market today.

So, turn to Triad Diagnostic Solutions. We offer the most advanced ADAS calibration tools on the market, making it easy for you to keep your shop up to date and your calibrations on par with manufacturing standards.

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Why you Should Choose Triad For ADAS Calibration Equipment in North America?

Triad offers your workshop a multi-sensor calibration capability to deliver precise calibration of sensors like camera, lidar, radar and IMU

  • Master Distributor: One of North America’s largest for Autel ADAS tools
  • Expert Guidance: Access to knowledgeable ADAS experts
  • Competitive Pricing: Best prices in the industry
  • Free Shipping: Across contiguous U.S. with discounts in select regions
  • Tax Advantage: No sales tax in 49 states
  • Free Training: In-person Autel certification included
  • Support Hotline: Dedicated ADAS calibration assistance
  • Technical Support: Ongoing help for operational continuity
  • Lifetime Warranty: On Autel tablets and connectivity hardware under TCP

Are you missing out on earning the high-profit revenue opportunity from performing ADAS calibrations?

Is the concern of investing in costly equipment stopping you from growing your business and earning more money?

Are you concerned that adding ADAS calibration services to your business is going to increase your work and not deliver the desired financial results?

Are you running the risk of not being compliant and potentially exposing your business to more risk?

Or WORSE – are you currently having to outsource to other shops that charge hundreds of dollars per calibration and laugh all the way to the bank?

Well, enough is enough!

Autel Diagnostic ADAS System running calibration

If You Are Looking For A More Affordable Way To:

  • Get the equipment you need

  • Get educated on all things ADAS

  • Get the training you need to tremendously increase revenue and profits

  • Expand your business in this growing market
  • Keep customers in your shop instead of sending them elsewhere

By 2023, every new vehicle is required to have at least one safety mechanism in place that will require ADAS calibration. That means that in approximately 5 to 7 years, over 300 million vehicles will require regular ADAS calibrations after minor repairs like windshield replacement, alignment, body shop work, and even many regular repairs.

Did you know that 7 states have recently passed bills that require ADAS calibrations to be performed after these routine repairs? Did you know many other state legislatures are authoring similar bills around the country?

The market is only going to get bigger and the vehicle requirements for maintaining Advanced Driver Automated Systems (ADAS) are becoming more and more important as vehicles have more and more of these systems installed on newer vehicles.

Don’t Be The One Who Missed Out On This Huge Opportunity While It Was In Its Infancy And Most PROFITABLE.


“Triad Diagnostics is THE source for all my calibration needs. We have 3 calibration centers and Triad Diagnostics is always able to provide competitive pricing, excellent guidance, and after the sale support. My sales rep Will is super responsive and a pleasure to deal with.”

Dax D.
TAG Auto Solutions

“I would highly recommend Triad to anyone looking to purchase calibration equipment. Everyone we’ve dealt with has been very informative and helpful. Will, our sales rep, has gone above and beyond to answer our questions and help us as we started our business.”

Casey B.

“I had a great experience with my purchase from Triad Diagnostic Solutions. Will was very helpful in determining my needs; he communicated well throughout the process and the price was much better than any other retailers that I received quotes from. I highly recommend them!”

George W.

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ADAS Big Red scan tool


ADAS Portable scan tool


ADAS Intelligent scan tool


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triad advantages

Triad’s Single Source Solution complete with tailored training and ongoing support will ensure more uptime on your vehicles and equipment.

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Training on diagnostic software is expensive and often unavailable on OEM software. Triad’s team of ASE Certified technical service training managers provide in-depth training on all of our tools.

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Regardless of the component or issue technicians are diagnosing or repairing, Triad’s ASE-certified technicians are standing by with the training to work them through the repair process.

Hot Swap Services at Triad Diagnostics
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Don’t get stuck without your money-maker. Triad’s Single Source Solution includes Hot Swap Services to keep your repair team up and running while your machine is being repaired.