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Maintaining diesel diagnostic tools can be costly and problematic. Multiple OEM and aftermarket diagnostic applications are:

  • Difficult to manage and support
  • Require continual updates
  • Expire at inopportune times
  • Costly to purchase or renew
  • Unavailable to certain end-users

We offer more than just software!

Technician Training / Technician Support / Hot Swap Services

man working with the jaltest single source solution diagnostic software

Technician Training

Stop limiting your shop’s access to diagnostic fault code information, testing capabilities, parameter resets, circuit diagrams, technical specifications, troubleshooting, repair information, calibrations, reset and release information with Triad’s cutting-edge technician training services and the Jaltest Diagnostic Software.

Fix the vehicle right the first time with initial and on-going Technician Training for Jaltest Diagnostic Equipment from Triad Diagnostic Solutions.

jaltest diagnostic solution technician hard at work

Technical Support

Our Technical Support services are available to help guide your technicians towards a successful repair, minimizing downtime and extra costs.

panasonic toughbook from one of the jaltest diagnostic kits

Hot-Swap Services
w/Panasonic Warranty Coverage

Triad Diagnostic Solutions offers an optional loaner program for a replacement until yours can be repaired. Subscribers receive repair or replacement of Panasonic laptops in case of damage or destuction.

Triad’s Single Source Solution


OEM Software

Triad’s Single Source Solution with Jaltest Software

Dealer Level Coverage & Functionality for All Class 3 – 8 trucks



Off-Highway & Agricultural Equipment Coverage



Total Vehicle Diagnostic Routines with Cloud Storage Reports



Technician Training & Support



Hot Swap Services with Enhanced Panasonic Accidental Damage Warranties



Triad’s Single Source Solution

comparison chart between triad software solution and OEM software

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