All Makes. Full Training. Expert Support.

Jaltest is a true all-makes diagnostic solution using software with full OEM coverage and functionality for class 3 through 8 trucks. reefers and trailers. That means coverage for over 100 brands of vehicles and component manufacturers for commercial vehicles. along with dozens of off-highway equipment manufacturers, all in one PC based tool. Jaltest software includes hundreds of thousands of diagnostic trouble codes, along with tens of thousands of troubleshooting guides, wiring schematics, technical data, bi-directional testing capabilities, parameter resets, and calibrations. Together, Dickinson and Triad are teaming up to provide a complete implementation, training, and support of the Jaltest Single Source Solution for Dickinson’s nationwide base of fleet customers.

As Greg Reimmuth, president and GM of Triad, says “we are extremely happy to partner with Dickinson and supply them with the best diagnostic tools and support in the industry. Triad focuses solely on the support and training of Jaltest, as we know it is the best tool available in North America today. We ensure that Dickinson maximizes their investment by performing initial and ongoing training, a repair hotline and our exclusive hot swap services for the diagnostic platform in case our customer’s tool is inoperable or damaged. This ensures that Dickinson never goes for more than a portion of a day without a dealer level diagnostic tool to support their customers.”

What It Means to Dickinson’s Fleet Customers.

Utilization of the Jaltest system will allow Dickinson’s technicians to focus on diagnosis, maintenance, and repairs with the best ongoing training to back them up while they are working on customer vehicles. Technicians needing assistance while servicing vehicles can call the Triad Technician Support Hotline Service to assist them in following proper diagnostic and repair procedures all the way to completion. The Triad Hotline is staffed by experienced. ASE-certified technicians fully trained in diagnostics, electrical and emissions-based issues as well as the features, functionality, and navigation of Jaltest software.

Ted Coltrain, general manager of Dickinson Fleet Services, says “Dickinson has a commitment to service our ever-growing customer base to the highest level. We know first hand the challenges of having all the diagnostic tools needed. the associated training, and quite candidly the complexity and expense of supporting the various diagnostic applications in our multiple shops. We also invest heavily in our people and there is no one more important within the Dickinson family than our technicians. They are presented with difficult to repair vehicles and need the capabilities and information to successfully satisfy our customer’s repair and maintenance requirements.”

Ted continues, “By accurately diagnosing and repairing the vehicle correctly the first time, we’ve seen an increase in customer satisfaction and related vehicle uptime all while realizing greater efficiencies from our technicians and overall shop operations. In addition, we have worked with many of our customers to provide: full diagnostic scan prior to beginning to work on the vehicle. This allows us to identify other potential issues that may not be related to the original complaint, convey this information to the customer and allow them to make a decision or corrective action. Dickinson is committed to providing the highest quality services to our customers and the investment in Jaltest coupled with the partnership of Triad has tremendously upgraded our ability to do so.”

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Photo by Bill Oxford on Unsplash