Are you a mechanic shop that works on heavy-duty trucks, off-highway equipment, agricultural equipment, or marine vessels? Then you know the importance of having complete coverage with an all-makes diagnostic software with dealer-level bi-directional testing and parameter reset capabilities, correct service information with troubleshooting and repair guides, interactive circuit diagrams, comprehensive technical information, and ruggedized hardware that can withstand the extreme environments and sometimes rough treatment.

When it comes to servicing commercial vehicles, equipment, and marine vessels, there are truly only two top competitors in the market today, Cojali’s Jaltest and Texa. Triad Diagnostic Solutions, the leading Jaltest distributor in North America, only offers the Jaltest solution. The Triad team has over 50 years of combined experience with commercial diagnostic tools, having been associated with the diagnostic programs for some of the largest fleets and OEMs in the world. With this experience of managing, training, and working with teams developing, selling, and marketing multiple OEM and aftermarket diagnostic software platforms, the Triad team knows when it comes to all the needed coverage, capabilities, and information to successfully complete a repair and integrate an all-makes diagnostic software application into the everyday shop operations, Jaltest stands alone. Still, for people deciding between these two diagnostic brands, it can be hard to make comparisons. Here is what you need to know about Jaltest and its competitive advantage over Texa.

What to Look for in Diagnostic Tools


Jaltest stands head and shoulders above the competition due to some very key attributes. For one, Jaltest offers integrated service information with Jaltest Info Online. Jaltest Info Online provides tens of thousands of troubleshooting and repair guides coupled with crucial technical information like torque specifications, belt routing, bolt patterns, and much more as the technician goes through the repair process. What’s more, Info Online offers repair information on tens of thousands of diagnostic trouble code issues as well as hundreds of thousands of symptom-based issues. Technicians all over North America have adopted the easy-to-use Jaltest Info Online that allows techs to navigate the diagnostic software and web-based repair information without ever having to navigate away from the single user interface screen.

Another key difference is coverage, coverage, coverage. Cojali has established itself in over 90 countries and can translate a wide range of OEM and functions with a team of nearly 300 software, hardware, and validation expert engineers. This team has been able to develop a global coverage platform with hundreds of brands for global manufacturing of engines, transmissions, ABS, hydraulic systems, body and chassis controllers, telematics, and much more. Not only can do you do dealer-level commands and controls on all these module coverages, but you can also tack on a Garage Resource Planning module that allows you to track the progress of each repair in your shop. If you work on commercial applications or run an all-makes repair facility or service, then Jaltest is the brand for you.

Jaltest offers total vehicle diagnostic routines ensuring full visibility to the vehicle or equipment techs are working on. Total diagnostic health, along with the ability to identify potential root cause analysis by seeing the entire vehicle on one screen with all related active and inactive diagnostic trouble codes, allows technicians to clearly identify what may be wrong with the vehicle and begin to isolate on those issues prior to chasing others which may be the result of the root cause issue.

Jaltest offers dealer-level OEM coverage with regular updates. If the OEM software performs a function on a vehicle, equipment, or vessel, Jaltest will perform the same. On top of that, Jaltest issues three updates per year like clockwork, ensuring the most recent coverage is there for you as soon as possible on late models.

While it can seem like a chunk of change upfront, Jaltest tools pay for themselves in a multitude of ways. No longer will you need the multiple expense and complicated support of the OEM software applications. Technician efficiency will increase due to the single source solution provided by Jaltest with all-makes diagnostics and related service information on one screen. Increased revenues for independent repair or dealers or decreased repair times and increased repair throughput for fleets can save money year after year. Decreased expense and time for training also can be a great benefit of adopting Jaltest in your organization. Training on OEM software is either expensive or unavailable. Techs often struggle with using multiple software to get the job done. Jaltest requires one navigation path regardless of vehicle, equipment, or vessel type. Train on one software application for your entire team in reduced time and expense.


As an Italian brand, Texa holds its own when it comes to the diagnostic tools industry. This company keeps their tools to a high standard, so you know you’ll be getting a good quality tool. They have five modules to choose from: bike, truck, off-highway, marine, and auto. Like Jaltest, you’re able to perform dealer-level diagnostic scans and repairs.

Unlike Jaltest, Texa tools do not include integrated troubleshooting and repair information and do not offer total vehicle diagnostic visibility on a single screen and require the technician to connect controller by controller on the vehicle to see all diagnostic trouble codes and run diagnostic routines during the repair process. While the license never expires, you do have to purchase a support package every year if you want regular updates and customer support.

Texa often is also slower than Jaltest, taking more time to connect, run through diagnostic routines, and get efficiently through the repair process, costing valuable time for your techs and increasing downtime.

Which is Better?

While both Jaltest and Texa both are reliable, your decision really comes down to the crucial differences in ease of access to comprehensive information and speed of repair. If you work on heavy-duty, off-highway, and agricultural equipment or marine vessels, then Jaltest is your answer. The Jaltest software is easier to navigate, comes with more brands of coverage, is more intuitive, and is faster to use.

Jaltest is the clear choice.

Add Cojali Jaltest Tools to Your Shop

You build your business based on your reputation and ability to fix any diagnostic-related issue your customers have. As diesel engine technology continues to improve and change, you need reliable diagnostic tools to keep up. That’s why you can trust Jaltest tools from Triad Diagnostic Solutions. Check out our entire lineup of commercial vehicle, off-highway, agricultural, and marine scan tools on our website at or give us a call at (317) 939-3690 today.